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Kenneth L. Driscol
Kenneth L. Driscol

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Senior Civil Application Specialist

Has been involved in civil engineering projects for seventeen years.  In addition to his background, he has been involved with field surveying and electronic data reduction.  During his tenure with a number of leading Civil Engineering firms, Ken participated in and led a number of projects for road design and improvement, underground utilities, site development and storm drainage design.


Loves Sky Diving, Horseback Riding and Bicycling

Civil 3D Hydraflow Express - Flow Rate From Your Veins

Whether modeling Culverts, Channels, Inlets or Weirs you will need at some point to know the flow rate. Hydraflow Express has options on the Hydrology section to help develop run off Hydragraphs ..........You might hear the term volume flow rate and think it sounds boring, but volume flow rate keeps you alive. I'll tell you how in a second, but first we should define volume flow rate.

Catching Water With Civil 3D Hydraflow Extensions

Sizing Culverts with Hydraflow are easy as 1-2-3....A culvert conveys surface water through a roadway embankment or away from the highway right-of-way (ROW) or into a channel along the ROW. In addition to the hydraulic function, the culvert must also support construction and highway traffic and earth loads;