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This update includes new functionality and addresses customer reported crashes and issues and contains the fixes included in Revit 2017 Service Pack 1 and 2. With this install, the following will be updated: Revit 2017, Collaboration for Revit 2017, Personal Accelerator for Collaboration and Dynamo. RVT 2017.1 Release notes Reported Issues Resolved

This is part 2 of the newest Annotation features in Revit 2017 for Fabrication. They have provided a set of new Mechanical, Pipe, and Electrical containment tags to utilize or make your own. The Fabrication Hanger tag was not included with the Fabrication tags in this release but I will show you how to make it from scratch.    

We’ve been getting a few phone calls where Revit users have been receiving this error when opening a file: This issue usually occurs when upgrading models. What I have done to help resolve this error is clean up the model in the version it was created in. Remove all non-essential links and imported CAD files. Update any  linked models and especially any custom families to the newest version. If this does not work then you’ll need to submit a case directly with Autodesk to see if they can help:  directly with Autodesk to see if they can help:  Submitting &Viewing Support Requests