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Autodesk Infrastructure Technical Specialist, Jeff Bartels and the guys over at the Civil Immersion blog have periodically be releasing short videos on the new features of Civil 3D 2018.  Rather than you having to find them among their other amazing blogs, I've added them here for you to view in a video library.  There are some really great features.  Enjoy! Clear Corridor Bowties: Relative Feature Lines (Part 1): Relative Feature Lines (Part 2): Section View Buffer: Plan/Profile & Profile/Profile Sheets: Offset Profiles & Connected Alignments (Part 1): Offset Profiles & Connected Alignments (Part 2): Extracted Feature Lines as Corridor Baselines:  Section View Buffer:

Error installing Revit 2018 - A newer version of Dynamo Add-in for Revit or Dynamo Core is already installed   For those who have installed 2017 software latest updates, especially Dynamo Revit or Dynamo Studio, you may encounter the error listed above when trying to install Revit 2018. The solution is to keep clicking OK until it is done installing. Do not interrupt. It will eventually open up. After launching Revit 2018, check to see if you have the latest version of Dynamo Revit and Dynamo Studio.