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Copy your customer Folders layout into all other folders in your database.  Get-ChildItem "C:\Autodesk Fabrication\Working Database\ITEMS" -Recurse -Filter "*.dat" | ForEach-Object { Copy-Item "C:\Autodesk Fabrication\position.dat" -Destination $_.FullName }

New tricks to make modeling with Design Line easier. Here is a download of button images for your new buttons.

While building your item you took the time to add a hyperlink, but you are not able to access the link in Navisworks. Here is how to do that...

Autodesk has chosen not to support some of the Fabrication CID patterns in Revit, one of those patterns is 928. Watch the video to see a work around to get your converted items into Revit.

Quite an outrageous title huh? The SysQue approach is traditional .rfa and the Autodesk approach are .itm which was developed specifically for fabricators. This is not about which program is better, or whether .itm files being in Revit is an abomination to traditional Revit design. We all use the tools we are provided, at the end of the day we all just want to do our jobs the best we know how, get paid, go home and someday retire! So why should SysQue consumers want Fabrication .itm files to successfully be introduced to Revit? The simple concept of competition. Competition drives innovation, it drives price, and it drives failures. The SysQue product is the only product I am aware of that seeks to accomplish LOD 400 standards for fabrication ready components in the Revit environment. While this is good for SysQue it is bad for consumers. If you feel the purchase price is too high, you aren’t getting the right attention, or the right training, or whatever grievance you might have; the right competition should be in place for ...

Autodesk Fabrication CADmep has a very good tool build in for checking our models for things like duplicate items, connector mismatches, size mismatches, open ends and collisions.  Check out this video on service validation to learn more.  Download:  Service Validation Palette

Last week I created a post on downloading Autodesk Fabrication content from the and since then an update to the Fabrication products has come out, SP2b, which repaired a great feature. Here is a video on downloading or updating content from from within the program.