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If you are presenting a project to an owner based overseas or the project itself is located overseas.  You will want to change the units your model is created in.   Below are the steps to change from imperial to metric units in Destini Profiler:  1st: Select the file tab   2nd: Select Preferences    3rd: Select Metric as Default Project Units      Now, when you begin your next project in Destini Profiler you will be using metric units. 

When you begin to use Destini Estimator you will want the program to: open an estimate sorted the way you are used to seeing it, with your standard fees applied, and the correct color displaying when you are comparing estimates.  All of this can be easily achieved by using the preferences window.  Below are the steps to make these changes. Step 1: Click on the preferences gear.   Step 2: Update your automatic save interval.  This is the number of commands to execute in order to trigger an automatic backup.   Step 3: Create your default fees   Step 4: Adjust the colors for high and low variance.  I prefer to have all positive changes in red and negative changes in green.  This way, when I see green I know that money is being saved and when I see red I know that additional funds are being spent.   Step 5:  Select the default estimate filter.    Step 6:  Choose if you want line items with zero quantity to be hidden by default in assemblies. 

   When you  import an image to trace your building it works well.  However, when you add slabs to the building and then try to use the floor plan to create rooms on the first floor you will not be able to see the image.  Instead you will see a purple highlight of the slab like the image below:     To fix this problem take the following steps: 1) Click on the align to face button and click on any vertical surface of the building     2) Go to the all systems tab and select the image     3) Now select any point, as it will serve as a reference point to move upward from.  After you have selected a reference point move your mouse up vertically and enter “1”.  This will move the image up 1 foot allowing it to be seen in the interior view.  For this example the image was moved up to the second floor of the building which is a distance of 21 feet.   4) Now when you return to the interior system you will be able to see your floor plan. ...

 Tired of having to recreate an estimate when you want to update your conceptual estimate with new information?  Using the Destini Suite from Beck Technology you will be able to easily transition your conceptual estimate from Destini Profiler to Destini Estimator where you can update it with quantities from 2D drawings or 3D models.  To transfer the estimate follow the steps below. 1) Save your Profiler model   2) Click on the File Tab   3) Hover over the export button   4) A drop down will appear select Profiler Estimate   5) Save your estimate and give it the appropriate name   6) Open Destini Estimator and Select the estimate       7) Now your conceptual estimate is ready to be updated  

How are you presenting your conceptual estimates to your clients?  Through Excel? MC2 reports? Timberline reports? Are you happy with the results that you are getting from you current methodology?   The way that the industry is currently presenting our cost information to our clients has room for improvement.  You take the vast amount of knowledge about the project you are proposing on and dump it into a spreadsheet.    Putting your budgets into a spreadsheet and leaving them there is doing a huge disservice to your clients.  To create the estimate you have performed takeoff, gathered historical information from similar projects, and taken into consideration current market conditions.  In addition to compiling cost data you have: created a schedule for the project, comprised a site logistic plan, evaluated the cut and fill required to level the site, and listed out available value engineering ideas in case the project is over budget.    This research and planning has made your estimate more accurate and provided additional value.  Why is this information thrown away or put it on a power point slide when it comes ...