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The New Features in FormIt v16.0 FormIt v16.0 offers many great new features related to the following categories: Materials Performance Group workflows Modeling Import DWG Revit interop Plugins Check it out here Also refer to the FormIt videos on YouTube

I've been working for Applied Software for about 2 years now. As I reflected on that milestone, I thought about all of the places I've gone, people I visited, and things I've done to help people in Construction. Things I'm most Proud of: There are a few things that I have done that have really made me proud. I'll share two of those stories: Problem 1: The first month I was on the job, I went to Orlando to visit a major theme park client. They had a big problem on their hands - they were building an insane new experience where everything in the park lit up, moved, and/or was (or at least appeared to be) floating in mid-air, and almost every piece was unique. They needed a way to track & quickly identify every piece and part in the park & confirm the exact spot where it needed to go. Our Solution With the help of their Theming Subcontractor, COST of Wisconsin, we barcoded everything in the park. We trained their factory team to track the shipment of each item and came up with ...

Revit 2017 Combine Parameters in Schedules  You can combine parameters of the type(s) that display in that part of a schedule.  The values for the combined parameters will display in the same cell separated by a slash or other separator.  Note: Because combined parameters are not assigned to a category, they cannot be reused.  If you want to move the calculated value to a different cell, you must re-enter it.  1. Click Manage tabSettings PanelPanel Schedule Templates  Edit a Template.  2. In the Edit a Template dialog, select a template type and click Open.  3. Select a cell and click  Combine Parameters.  4. You add and remove parameters by moving them between the panes:      •Highlight a parameter in the Panel schedule parameters pane and click  Add Parameter to move it into the Combined parameter pane.       •Highlight a parameter in the Combined parameters pane and click  Remove Parameter to move it into the Panel schedule parameters pane.  5.Optionally, you can add a prefix, suffix, or sample value to the parameter.  The sample value is displayed in the Preview so that you can edit as needed before closing ...

AEC Professionals are discovering better ways to deliver quality projects through model-based simulation, and Owners are expecting that.  Welcome to Simulation Driven Design. Autodesk family of Simulation software provides a comprehensive set of solutions to help you gain a competitive advantage in solving the most challenging design problems.   In this webinar, you will learn how to analyze and predict building performance, optimize & validate design options to insure your design meets design constraints. Explore quality and safety requirements before construction begins. Utilize Autodesk family of Simulation apps with proven technology and reliable accuracy, to simulate building performance over time.  Finally integrate simulation results into your BIM authoring tool, to help you make better design and business decisions.  Simulation Driven Building Design

The BIMForum has released a draft of the 2016 version of the LOD Specification for public comment. The comment period will remain open until September 23, 2016 – please send comments to Comments from the industry are a vital part of the process of maintaining and enhancing the usefulness of this document and are greatly appreciated. Updates to the 2016 version include these new sections:  Railroad Bridge Steel, Railroad Bridge Precast The Attribute Tables in Part II have been expanded and reformatted for clarity Omniclass and Masterformat references have been added to Part I All definitions in Part I were reviewed and edited for consistency Link to Article Download a copy of the 2016 LOD Specification Draft for Public Comment:

The AEC Industry is changing rapidly. Future Buildings will be assembled rather built. This Technology is important to find parts and assemblies within your BIM models.  Design Graph is a new way to explore your 3D data. Autodesk technology uses Shape-based Machine Learning to actually recognize and understand parts, assemblies and entire designs. The Design Graph learns to identify the relationships between all parts within and across all of your designs, irrespective of whether cross-references exist. It learns to interpret your designs in terms of those parts and it provides you a way to navigate your data using: simple text search, learned categories of parts, shape similarity, usage patterns and even smart filters for part numbers, materials and other properties.     Check it out at Autodesk Design Graph Try search for “wall”“basic”“rectangular”“mullion”“base”etc. All 3D models in your A360 Drive account are now available in the Design Graph. 

One of the biggest perks about my job is the BIM & Beer event that we host every month. We go from city to city and spread the good word about Construction Technology, and share a beer or two among friends, colleagues & customers who attend the event. If you've never been, and want to go, or we're coming to your area & you want to know what it's all about, look no is your one stop shop for what to expect at BIM & Beer. What is BIM & Beer? BIM & Beer is a celebration of Technology.  Every month, we hold an event in an American or Canadian city and introduce ourselves to the Construction & Design Community. We show off the expertise of our partners and give people a good idea of what is new and what is out there in the Construction Technology industry. Oh, and there's free food. And free beer (sorry, I buried the lead there). What to expect at BIM & Beer? We like to keep it casual at these events so you're not going to see ...

Searching for a better way to collaborate between architects and master planners? Look no further. Join us for this complimentary webinar and learn how to bring together intuitive 3D sketching, interoperable model sharing while navigating/evaluating to make informed decisions in a 3D urban context. By using FormIt 360 Pro, Revit and InfraWorks 360 into one workflow you will be able to:    Empower architects to design, collaborate and revise early design concepts.  Import data-rich concepts.  Streamline maters planning Design Options with powerful proposals, rule-based tool-sets and analysis capabilities to help uncover potential project impacts.  Round-trip models back into the BIM authoring tools, for detailed architectural and site design.  

With the HILTIButton for Firestop, AEC professionals can populate Building information Models with appropriate firestop components easier than ever, through automated clash detection and product selection. The HILTI Button for Firestop is an add-in for several Autodesk applications such as Revit, AutoCAD MEP, Fabrication CADmep and Navisworks Manage.  

Using the Appearance Profiler in Navisworks with Fabrication CADmep to adhere to coordination.

BIMConnect™ - a new add-in for Revit developed by Applied Software that allows users to export data from Revit into Excel and Import data from Excel into Revit.  Top Features 1.Export Revit data to Excel 2.Import Excel data to Revit 3.Creating Unplaced Rooms/Spaces 4.Adding Custom Parameters 5.Manage View Independent Data (such as materials)

Released exclusively to Subscription customers, Autodesk Revit 2016 R2 builds on the speed and project performance improvements. Revit 2016 R2 has over 25 new features, many which were requested by users. This update makes Revit faster with even better performance that translates to faster navigation, speedier work processes. If you missed this webinar, we will show you the significant updates that relate to the Architectural Industry.  

Spending the first half of the year soliciting feedback from our customers and speaking to construction project managers across the country at various conferences, I've come to the conclusion that BIM is positioned to make big strides through the end of the year and well into 2016. Construction companies that survived the recent economic downturn got lean and efficient through BIM. Now, they're looking at how BIM can save money across the board and also allow them to be more competitive. BIM certainly wasn't as important eight years ago. It was construed to be more of a 3D innovation than anything else. But in today's society of Big Data, BIM has advanced to the forefront of construction build-outs. Why? The "I" in BIM is the big deal now. From designers to owners, a heightened understanding of and appreciation for the value of data has emerged. And, that data - in terms of how it's updated, accessed and integrated within the BIM platform - is finally starting to be used by all the constituents involved with a construction project to address the ...

Construction managers commonly use BIM 360 Field to productively manage jobsites. The ability to seamlessly integrate a construction team’s daily workflow has quickly established BIM 360 Field as the industry gold standard for cloud-based, field management tools. Managing the flow of documents between Windows and BIM 360 Field, however, can be a time-consuming process. Now, with 360 Sync, document management is effortless. Applied Software developed 360 Sync to provide integration between Windows and BIM 360 Field. For example, 360 Sync allows you to house one file on your PC (with all of your construction documents) that automatically updates into BIM 360 Field. Once synced, all of your file structures will remain the same. 360 Sync is easy to use and requires only one initial set-up per project. Once the initial set-up is complete, the entire process becomes automated. When setting up projects, you can create templates for repeated use or you can create unlimited custom projects. You choose when to sync the files for each project including from which computer to which project. You can also set multiple computers to sync ...