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I've been working for Applied Software for about 2 years now. As I reflected on that milestone, I thought about all of the places I've gone, people I visited, and things I've done to help people in Construction. Things I'm most Proud of: There are a few things that I have done that have really made me proud. I'll share two of those stories: Problem 1: The first month I was on the job, I went to Orlando to visit a major theme park client. They had a big problem on their hands - they were building an insane new experience where everything in the park lit up, moved, and/or was (or at least appeared to be) floating in mid-air, and almost every piece was unique. They needed a way to track & quickly identify every piece and part in the park & confirm the exact spot where it needed to go. Our Solution With the help of their Theming Subcontractor, COST of Wisconsin, we barcoded everything in the park. We trained their factory team to track the shipment of each item and came up with ...