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Dodge Data & Analytics published a very interesting video on Managing Risk in the Construction Industry as it relates to Building Information Modeling.  Check it out:  

BIMConnect™ - a new add-in for Revit developed by Applied Software that allows users to export data from Revit into Excel and Import data from Excel into Revit.  Top Features 1.Export Revit data to Excel 2.Import Excel data to Revit 3.Creating Unplaced Rooms/Spaces 4.Adding Custom Parameters 5.Manage View Independent Data (such as materials)

Big data is data that is too large to manage and manipulate with an ordinary spreadsheet or database.  This is an excellent article that explains the value of data.  We can't extract this kind of valuable information from an Excel spreadsheet or a word document.  If you’re still gathering data from the field with fax machines, curriers or FedEx it is time to change your processes.  Smarter means of estimating and scheduling are rapidly approaching.

In almost all my Revit MEP classes, when building Schedules/Tags, often the desired Parameter value is sitting there staring us in the face, but we cannot access that data, such as: Elevation -and- the secondary elevation value: Offset.  In my reading of other blogs out there, I ran across this article on RevitOpEd:, who in turn references: Whitefeet folks (well...'fella' I should say, Mario Guttman) has provided for PUBLIC consumption some Revit utilities (I like to call these types of addins: Revit Express Tools) that you may find very useful.  Particularly the Parameter Tools that will allow you to access and then assign those outta-reach parameter values to your designated parameter.  It's pretty cool and mega-thanks to Whitefeet for developing and then giving them away.This is just a heads-up post, you can learn how to download and use the utilities from the Whitefeet website. Just the Whitefeet cat alone would win me over to Mario's utilitiesdennis