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This Video will display how to place multiple CTEXT reports onto one piece within a model. Hope this helps!

This video will display the process of retrieving your lost utility bar inside of Fabrication Remote Entry. Unlike CAMduct or ESTmep, there is no easy way to retrieve it once it has been closed out inside of the program.Thanks for Watching!

New tricks to make modeling with Design Line easier. Here is a download of button images for your new buttons.

This video will display the new Group by Option within Fabrication 2017, allowing you arrange the items within a job based off of certain criteria. Check it out and leave me your feedback!

I am often asked the best way to distinguish which cut files are for liner tables vs which are for plasmas. This video will display my suggested setup inside of CAMduct to handle liner files vs metal files, including spacing between parts and common line cutting.

Unable to see CADmep Items in Navis? Downloaded the Object Enabler and no parts? CADmep is loaded and still, nothing? Here's a quick video showing what to look for and how to fix this issue when it happens.    Troubleshooting the Object Enabler    

This video will demonstrate how to apply Custom Data and Takeoff Information directly to each individual piece if it differs from a standard:

Watch this video to learn how to download, export and convert Revit Families to ITM files. This process can be done in Fabrication ESTmep or CADmep. *Recommended for items such as equipment. Common items such as fittings, valves and pipe, should use the MAKEPAT command when creating items. 

Please join me at Autodesk University 2016, November 15-17, and the MEP and Structural Fabricators Forum (MSF), November 14, in Las Vegas:   Class ID: MEP22032 Class Title: How to Implement Fabrication ESTmep-Best Practices Class Type: Instructional demo   Class ID: FAB22942-L Class Title: Hands-on-Lab: Introduction to ESTmep. Class Type: Hands-on lab   Class ID: MSF22037-L Class Title: Hands-on-Lab: Introduction to ESTmep Class Type: Hands-on lab