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The New Features in FormIt v16.0 FormIt v16.0 offers many great new features related to the following categories: Materials Performance Group workflows Modeling Import DWG Revit interop Plugins Check it out here Also refer to the FormIt videos on YouTube

Use a connected BIM workflow to take designs from concept through construction documentation with integrated performance analysis and visualization features with the Autodesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection of building design software.   Learn more at: v15.0: FormIt 360 for Windows Fluid camera transitions between saved Scenes Control the settings for speed, transition and pause time for camera transitions Setting to visualize the camera location and orientation of saved Scenes Swivel navigation mode to look around without Orbiting Copy and Paste In Place with Ctrl + Shift + V Cut elements to the clipboard with Ctrl + X Select All elements in the model, or in the current group, with Ctrl + A Ability to Boolean Cut and Join between different Groups Groups Tree enhancements allow renaming, categorizing, and editing of Groups for improved model management Undo Manager provides a list of actions organized per Group. This history can be archived by exporting to AXM with history button checked Numerous interaction improvements to the Rotate, Mirror, and Measure tools Holding Ctrl while rotating an object will make a 'quick copy' Numerous ...

Searching for a better way to collaborate between architects and master planners? Look no further. Join us for this complimentary webinar and learn how to bring together intuitive 3D sketching, interoperable model sharing while navigating/evaluating to make informed decisions in a 3D urban context. By using FormIt 360 Pro, Revit and InfraWorks 360 into one workflow you will be able to:    Empower architects to design, collaborate and revise early design concepts.  Import data-rich concepts.  Streamline maters planning Design Options with powerful proposals, rule-based tool-sets and analysis capabilities to help uncover potential project impacts.  Round-trip models back into the BIM authoring tools, for detailed architectural and site design.