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In this post I wanted to share with you a discovery I made recently while teaching an Inventor fundamentals class.  I was actually demonstrating the new DWG Underlay functionality, and afterwards, illustrating the annotation tools within Inventor, including the Hole Note tool.  What I received when trying to create a Hole Note was the following error message (see image below): Now for some backdrop on how I got this error.  The workflow you will see here is a valid scenario for bringing in AutoCAD DWG Underlays into Inventor, and then detailing the drawing.  The drawing file was imported into inventor, but the drawing was a Model Space only file, with the geometry to be used, scaled at 2:1. So, the geometry that I was projecting from AutoCAD to use to model my part was double the size.  I used the Direct Edit command with the Scale option to scale the part down by .5 , resulting in a model that was true to scale.  Finally, when detailing the drawing from this model, I tried to use the Hole and Thread note ...