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Just in case you've not yet heard. . .Civil 3D 2018 and Infraworks 2018 were both released last week.   Some of the highlighted new features in Civil 3D include. . . The ability resolve corridor bowties Enhancements to the plan production tools to include new templates The ability to connect two separate alignments to create a new dynamically linked alignment and profile.  Some of the highlighted new features in Infraworks include. . . The ability to manager inventor-based bridge components within the Style Palette The ability to export quantities to a CSV file for review, reporting, or estimating costs Simplified tries to improve performance A gizmo that to make it easier to edit roadside grading Read more in-depth description about all these additions and updates here:  InfraWorks and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018:  They're Here!    

Use a connected BIM workflow to take designs from concept through construction documentation with integrated performance analysis and visualization features with the Autodesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection of building design software.   Learn more at:

John Sayre, Technical Marketing Manager for Autodesk, and Eric Chappell, Civil Community Evangelist for Autodesk, put together this great video that explains the way to use the Autodesk Shared Reference Point productivity pack tool to seamlessly share a file between Civil 3D, Revit, Navisworks, and Infraworks so that the content of the files locates itself on the site correctly.  I highly recommend watching this video:

You've gone through the procedure of creating an Infraworks model and you'd like to have the model appear in another group.  Well, you cannot have a model appear in two groups.  That's simply not possible.  So how do you move the model from one group to another?  Well, that's not possible either.  So here is the workaround. . .  1. Open the model.   2. Within "Settings and Utilities" navigate to the "Duplicate" button: 3. In the newly duplicated model, click on the "Publish" button: 4. In the "Publish Model" dialog box select the group you want to add the model to:

Do you have the latest version of Infraworks installed?  Don't know?  Here's how you find out. . . 1. Click on the button with the 3 vertical lines in the top left of the Infraworks homepage and select Application Options: 2. In the "General" section, click on the "About" button: 3. You'll see the version in the dialog box that appears:

Bring Your Road and Bridge Project to Life with InfraWorks 360
If you’ve ever experienced headaches and/or insomnia caused by preliminary designs, then we have news for you: There is in fact a better way! With Autodesk® InfraWorks 360, you can quickly create early design concepts, easily communicate complex project concepts, and receive better-informed results. Preliminary designs will always be subject to change, so stop wasting valuable time and money.    We recently hosted a webinar featuring Civil Engineering expert Ken Driscol to learn how you can bring your road and bridge projects to life with InfraWorks 360. In the webinar recording, he’ll show you options for optimizing project performance by using real-world data in a modeling context.    Learn how to explore workflows and specialize in roadway, bridge and drainage design that you can communicate at any stage of your project from anywhere. He’ll also show you how to use master roadway tools, Analysis and Optimization tools, and Bridge Analysis tools, as well as how to import real-world data to analyze slope, elevation, sun, shadows and more.   If you’re a designer, engineer, or planner who is looking for a better way to capture stakeholders who ...

Searching for a better way to collaborate between architects and master planners? Look no further. Join us for this complimentary webinar and learn how to bring together intuitive 3D sketching, interoperable model sharing while navigating/evaluating to make informed decisions in a 3D urban context. By using FormIt 360 Pro, Revit and InfraWorks 360 into one workflow you will be able to:    Empower architects to design, collaborate and revise early design concepts.  Import data-rich concepts.  Streamline maters planning Design Options with powerful proposals, rule-based tool-sets and analysis capabilities to help uncover potential project impacts.  Round-trip models back into the BIM authoring tools, for detailed architectural and site design.