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Howdy Folks, Lately there seems to a lot of concern (and rightfully so) with upgrading projects from Revit 2016 to Revit 2017. First, let me begin by stating that it is NOT recommended to upgrade your project from one version to another. IF you started the project in Revit 2016, complete the project in the same version.  If you have to upgrade a project to a newer version here are a few hints and suggestions. ( REMEMBER CREATE A BACKUP OF YOUR PROJECT, just in case the upgrade doesn't work)   1. MAKE SURE you have installed the latest patches, updates, or service packs to Revit 2017. You will need to run Autodesk's shiny new application called " Autodesk Application Manager".  Below is a link to read all about it. 1. If you need to upgrade a Revit project more than 1 release, ie, Revit 2015 to Revit 2017, first upgrade the project one version at a time. In this example it would be release Revit 2016 (make sure to have audit checked on), then save that project and close it. Open it in ...