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A new release to BIM360 Field is has been much anticipated and seems to solve a lot of problems people have had in the past with tracking different equipment types. See the release notes here. 

Bluebeam partners with Microsoft to integrate the surface dial into their digital workflow. See the below video.    

The BIM360 Field development team has been working hard on making improvements to the Daily Updates module over the last few months and it shows. They have added many new features that have been requested by there users. Here is a quick list of updates.  New permissions for Daily Updates include: none, view your own, view your company, view any daily update Subcontractors now have access to complete daily updates Attach Library Documents to Daily Updates  Add templates to Daily Update General Notes They have also added an audit history to the daily updates so all changes will be captured.  Read more about the release notes here.  

Those of you who have been a BIM 360 Field administrator, understand that you have little control over the notifications that your subcontractors receive when first signing up for BIM 360 Field. You have also likely  learned that the default notifications are set to receive immediate notifications for : Issue Changes Issue Comments Task Changes Task Comments  Library Updates This can create an overwhelming amount of emails for many subcontractors. It is important to show your subcontractors how to modify their email notifications. If your subcontractor decides to opt out of all notification this will not prevent him from receiving a scheduled report. We recommend always setting up scheduled reports so that you can ensure they get the exact information they need when they need it.  Here is a link you can share with your subcontractors if they need assistance in changing there email settings.  

Autodesk just recently released an Android version of BIM360 Docs to the Google Play store. This is a first product on the BIM360 Platform to release an Android version. I know many contractors have been asking and hinting at this for years and it looks like they will finally be receiving android support just in time for Christmas.  We hope that this is a continued trend among all of the BIM360 products as it will often eliminate hardware as a reason to refuse adoption. Support of more platforms opens up more possibilities for collaboration on the site.  Read more here. 

BIM 360 Field has been regularly releasing features which you may have missed here are some of the features we felt were most noteworthy.   1.       You can add a pinpoint to issues regardless of what module you are in. Prior to this release you could only add a pin when in the Issues Module and with By Location selected. Now you can add a pin directly from any issue whether it is originated in a checklist, equipment ect.. The one caveat is you need to have the location selected and documents linked to that location prior to placing the pin. a.       The below is an example of an issue generated from a checklist. You will notice there is not a location set.     b.      After the location is set there will be a new button appear on my issue form.    Tap this button and provided you have your drawings linked it will automatically drop the pins on the plan for you.   2.       View the source in which an issue was generated and quickly navigate to that source. For instance in the above example ...

Here is a quick tip on how to share your calendar availability through outlook. This is great when you are trying to show someone outside your organization when you would have availability to meet. I rarely see this being utilized by teams but find it to be tremendously helpful and provides efficient and clear communication.  To insert a calendar snapshot in Outlook you simply:  Click on the insert tab.  Click Choose Calendar Select your date range you want to share Select the level of detail you want to share  Click "Show time within my working hours only" Finally Click "OK" A summary of your calendar will be inserted into the body of your email showing all free and busy times for the date range selected. This is the results of what will be posted in the body of your email.  Hopefully this tip will save you a little time.