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Doug Wietbrock
Doug Wietbrock
Doug Wietbrock's Blog

We've published our latest courseware for the Autodesk fabrication products. Fabrication ESTmep Fundamentals 2015 is intended to be used in the standard four-day instructor-led class, but can be used by almost anyone to learn the fundamentals of Autodesk Fabrication ESTmep. This 500 page book is printed in full-color and includes exercise files to enable you to follow each lesson. Printed by Amazon's publishing service, this book is exclusively available on our web site. It joins our previous book, Fabrication CADmep Fundamentals 2015, as the only commercially available coursewares for these Autodesk products.  

This is the recording of the December Fabrication User Group Meeting. Because the regular meeting date was the week of Autodesk University, we've assembled video interviews of the most interesting people, products and services. This monthly, web-based User Group is all about the Autodesk® Fabrication products: Fabrication CADmep™, Fabrication ESTmep™ and Fabrication CAMduct™. Enceptia’s Fabrication team will share their knowledge with you – free of charge! This is a great opportunity for Autodesk Fabrication software users and those who are interested in the software to build a virtual community where you can resolve challenges, share ideas, and explore capabilities.  

This is the recording of the November Fabrication User Group Meeting. This meeting’s topics included: Beginner/Intermediate Tutorial - Anatomy of a Design Line Design Line is one of the most powerful features within Fabrication CADmep and Fabrication ESTmep, yet few people understand how it works. This session explained the concepts and processes that make Design Line such an effective tool. Whether you've never used Design Line before or are an expert with it, you're sure to learn something useful from this tutorial. What's New Once again, Enceptia shared some of the interesting tidbits, products and discoveries we're finding around the world that are of interest to MEP Contractors and Fabricators. Advanced Tutorial - Basic Machine Configuration For most people, setting up a plasma table or Decoiler unit is an exotic ritual known only to a few high priests. Our own high priest, Garrett Tice, demystified the process by walking you through the process. He explained the most common settings so that you'll understand what is involved. This monthly, web-based User Group is all about the Autodesk® Fabrication products: Fabrication CADmep™, Fabrication ESTmep™ and Fabrication CAMduct™. Enceptia’s Fabrication ...

Enceptia recently tested the fabrication family of products with Autodesk Vault Professional. Vault data management software helps organize, manage, and track data creation and documentation processes for design, engineering, and construction teams. It provides more control over design data with revision management capabilities. You can quickly find and reuse data to more easily manage your design and engineering information. We found that Vault works as expected when finding, opening and saving files. Vault properly reacted when we created spool drawings. Fabrication CADmep is an AutoCAD-based application and Vault's tight integration with AutoCAD was fully accessible on the ribbon. Fabrication ESTmep and Fabrication CAMduct do not (yet?) have Vault integrations and act as any other non-integrated applications would behave. You can use the Vault client to check out/in the MAJ/ESJ files from the vault and then open and work with those files in Fabrication ESTmep and/or Fabrication CAMduct. Going into the evaluation, we had some minor concerns that placing Items from the database might trigger unexpected and undesirable actions, but Vault didn't interfere with those functions. Overall, we were pleased with ...

Enceptia held it's first Fabrication User Group meeting on Friday, October 3rd. Meetings are planned for the first Friday of each month. The Meeting Agenda Beginner/Intermediate Tutorial: In this lesson, Lyle Janda shows you how to use the Revit to Fabrication tools to efficiently and effectively migrate design-intent Revit models into Fabrication CADmep or Fabrication ESTmep for fabrication-intent models. He explained the common problems associated with BIM data re-use and offer some tips on how to minimize them. Latest news about Fabrication: Jeffrie McDonald shared recent information we've learned as well as news of some interesting new software and hardware that we have uncovered. Advanced Tutorial: The project is complete, but your as-builts must be delivered in Revit. What do you do? We have been testing the most cost-effective methods for “round-tripping” your fabrication models back into Revit and Scott Hendricks has some tricks to share! You can provide the detailed and accurate Revit models that the owner wants without blowing your budget. In his presentation, Scott discussed Industry Foundation Classes. The Wikipedia page he showed is here ( Also Scott showed this IFC overview page at the ...

At Autodesk's request, we have removed a previous post about PMCut software. We await additional information from Autodesk. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We’ve been known as D|C|CADD for over a quarter century now and, as D|C|CADD, we have an excellent reputation. So why leave that behind? Well, it isn’t because we were acquired or that we’re having financial problems. In fact the opposite is true; we’re growing, hiring people and opening more offices. Rebranding as “Enceptia” is an opportunity for us to reset our employee’s thinking and broaden our customers’ expectations of us. We’re known as a top-tier Autodesk Partner, but Autodesk and our customers are asking us to go in new directions. And we see opportunities in new markets and industries. We’re now publishing some of the top-rated applications for Revit and we’re the majority investor in another software developer. We’re creating advanced learning content and we’re even expanding our services to now provide traditional IT support and services. Customer service and support are more than a trite slogan for us, it’s in our DNA. I was a licensed architect when I started my company in 1987 and I never had any marketing or sales experience. So, without any real guidance in ...