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Ken Wilson
Ken Wilson
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Just as we go to the doctor for our annual checkup, every business can benefit from one, too. Why, then, does it seem like the only time we do so is when something goes wrong? Sadly, at that point it may be too late. Those who take preventative measures have a better chance of mitigating the risks associated with bad habits and broken workflow processes that eventually lead to loss of business and diminished company health. From my experience in the trenches, most businesses: Think everything is fine Don’t have the time to evaluate their company’s processes Departments operate in separate silos with little or no communication Don’t leverage and share information Make important decisions in small groups, not as a unified team Most businesses believe everything is fine because they’ve always done it that way. And it works. They forgo annual checkups because they can't embrace the idea that our world constantly changes and they must constantly adapt. The healthy, more profitable companies are the ones who take an early step back to examine their people and processes. Those who did this a few years ago ...