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Trying to use an Autodesk Cloud Service and something not working as expected? Is it you? Is it your computer? Is it.... Autodesk? Click the following link and you will know for sure if it's Autodesk Cloud service or not! It's too easy! Click the Health Subscription button in upper right corner and receive health status changes and maintenance plans to your email address! We will send you health status changes, maintenance plans to your email address  

Autodesk Point Layout (APL) is a great program. I am confident when I say there is not a better point program on the market. However, it does do some funny things if you don’t have the correct settings. When I add an APL point to a Revit column family, it creates a ½” gap (Image #1) between the column and the footing. Follow the steps below to easily prevent this from happening (Image #2). 1.Edit the Revit column family 2.Insert the APL point on element face (face at bottom of column) and not on the Workplane 3.Select the Reference Plane (not the Lower Ref. Level) and set the “Is Reference” property to Bottom 4.Load into Project