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Rick Kremer
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Hi, Welcome to today's tips and tricks. This example was generated from a customer request on wanting to know how to adjust the arc length on revision clouds in Revit. Please click on the link below to watch a short how-to video. Enjoy, Rick

Howdy Folks, Lately there seems to a lot of concern (and rightfully so) with upgrading projects from Revit 2016 to Revit 2017. First, let me begin by stating that it is NOT recommended to upgrade your project from one version to another. IF you started the project in Revit 2016, complete the project in the same version.  If you have to upgrade a project to a newer version here are a few hints and suggestions. ( REMEMBER CREATE A BACKUP OF YOUR PROJECT, just in case the upgrade doesn't work)   1. MAKE SURE you have installed the latest patches, updates, or service packs to Revit 2017. You will need to run Autodesk's shiny new application called " Autodesk Application Manager".  Below is a link to read all about it. 1. If you need to upgrade a Revit project more than 1 release, ie, Revit 2015 to Revit 2017, first upgrade the project one version at a time. In this example it would be release Revit 2016 (make sure to have audit checked on), then save that project and close it. Open it in ...

Hi Folks, I have been getting several calls from customers that are using Revit 2016/2017 and have a really nice high resolution screen on their PC and are experiencing issues with being able to read within their schedules. The text ends up being garbled and overlapping. The issue is the "newer" screens ( greater than (1920x1080) don't seem to work well in Revit when looking at things like schedules. In the Schedule view the text within the boxes overlaps and is unreadable. The only "fix" was to place the view on a sheet in order to clearly "read" all the text. Below is a link to an article on how to fix this. Please keep in mind, in my experience it takes a few tries on a PC to get the balance between changing the screen resolution and adjusting the size of text to be no larger than 100%. Good luck, Rick Kremer Applied Software

Below is a screencast tutorial on how to create a custom end piece for a book shelf system. This was created in response to a customer wanting to know how to create a custom piece of millwork with an inset transparent material that would attach at the end of a book case. Custom Family: Framed Panel This almost 9 minute long video ( my longest one) not only shows you how to create it, but shows how I would go about nesting it into another family. Enjoy, Rick Kremer Applied Software

HI folks, If you are working on a project and using any of Autodesk's Cloud services such as Collaboration for Revit, BIM 360 Glue, AutoCAD 360, or cloud rendering, you'll want to mark this website as a favorite. This gives you an immediate view of all the cloud services. If you are experiencing any issues with cloud based services the FIRST place to check is this website. It monitors all of Autodesk's servers and if there is ANY issues with cloud services you can see if they are running 'Normally", 'Degraded" or "Not in Service". If you want you can be notified automatically via an email click on "Health Subscription" in the top right corner.  Autodesk will email you if there is something wrong with any of their services in which you are subscribed to receive notifications. Enjoy this short video on how to check these services. Rick Kremer  

In this Tips and Tricks session we will look at how to export a Revit Door schedule into Excel. This is a very simple and straight forward process and gives non-Revit users the ability to look at or possibly use downstream data from Revit.  Please click on link below to watch a short Screencast video on how this is done. Enjoy, Rick    

Ever wonder how to control how far your section view shows information? Well " Far Clip Offset" is the answer to control how much or how far from a section line you see in the 2d section. Please see link below for a short video on how to do this. Enjoy, Rick  

Hello Everyone, In today's Tips & Tricks I had a customer ask me how to deal with the paint condition at the end of a wall when it turns the corner. Sometimes the perperpendicular wall's cleanup shows through and doesn't allow paint to go to the edge of a wall. In this short demo, I will show you how to use "Wall Joins" to fix this issue. Enjoy, Rick Kremer  

In this Tips and tricks session. I had a customer call in with an issue. They were XREF'ing another file into their drawings and the "text" was not showing up at all. Even though the layer was on the text seem to disappear all together and would just show the leader line....crazy right.... Well the issue was with a Font style used in the XREF was not a Font style that the end user had. Sooooo instead of AutoCAD replacing the font with another it just DIDN't SHOW the text. The variable here in AutoCAD was the culprit. The command "Fontalt" if set to "." will turn off text that your system doesn't have the same font installed as the xref'd file. There is a setting here to select an alternate font. Makre sure to have the alternate font such as simplex listed. Below is a link to a short video on Autodesk's Screencast on how to fix this. Best of luck out there, Rick Kremer Applied Software

ISSUE: Revit 2016 and Revit 2017 has issues trying to plot PDF sheets from project.  Plot Dialogue box freezes up during plotting When trying to plot PDF's, you go to Plot and nothing happens SOLUTION: Delete a windows service pack/update called "kb3177725", then restart your computer. When using Windows 7 plot PDF to your Desktop. Then move the PDF file as needed.  If your using Windows 10, please look to see if you have a Windows update called "windows 10 anniversary". Delete it. That update from Windows is causing all sorts of issues with Revit. After you restart you PC, install a PDF writer called "CutePDF". You'll have to google it, read the licence agreement, and if your ok with the agreement click to download and install. You'll be prompted to install another package from CUTE PDF hit OK, this is the 2nd half of the PDF writer package. ...

Issue: Revit 2013 and/or Revit 2014 hangs while trying to open Projects that prior to 8/19/2016 opened just fine. Solution: Uninstall DROPBOX from computer. There was an update to Dropbox on 8/19/2016 that corrupts the file open process in Revit 2013/2014. By uninstalling Dropbox, Revit 2013/2014 will now open projects normally.

Hello. In today's session we will explore how to tag walls and doors according to the new 2015 NFPA fire rating symbol guidelines. In this video I will demonstrate how to do the following: * Create a Fire Rated Plan * Create custom Door and Wall tags using symbols instead of text Please click on link below to view this screencast. How to create custom NFPA Fire Rating symbols to be placed within Revit walls Hope you enjoy,   Rick Kremer   Applied Software    

A recurring issue that comes across my inbox is how to properly clean a AutoCAD file for use within Revit. Too many times users just insert an AutoCAD file "as is" and weighs a Revit model down or even worse causes corruption. This quick tip will show you the steps needed to properly clean an AutoCAD file. This process will remove most corruption issues that might occur with a AutoCAD file. This process is Crucial when bringing in files from consultants and you want to make sure your AutoCAD file that your bringing in is Clean and as lightweight as possible. Please click on link below to view this screencast. How to properly clean an AutoCAD file for use in Revit. Enjoy, Rick Kremer Senior Technical Consultant Applied Software

In this link I will demonstrate  step by step on how to create a custom Frit pattern in Revit.  In this screencast I will go through ALL the steps to create your custom transparent Frit patterns for your curtain walls.   Enjoy, Rick