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  For those user’s that are currently using Vault Pro 2017/Vault Workgroup 2017 I would like to share with you an add-in that is called “Autodesk Place from Vault 2017” which is a free download from the Autodesk App Store. This app allows users to directly insert a selected file from the Vault Explorer into the current open and active Inventor document. This is a great tool for those who prefer to search and identify files directly from Vault rather than using the CAD application dialogs.        Autodesk Place from Vault 2017-Additional Info

How did our predictions seven years ago for Building Information Modeling fair? Let’s take a look back seven years to 2009, when the concept BIM had become common parlance in the AEC community, and see if and where we’ve fallen short of, met, or exceeded expectations for our beloved BIM. How you define the acronym BIM depends on when the one claims BIM came into being. According to WikipediA, BIM was first used in papers in the mid-1980s, and the term 'Building Information Model' first appeared in a 1992 paper by G.A. van Nederveen and F. P. Tolman.[7] However, the terms 'Building Information Model' and 'Building Information Modeling' (including the acronym "BIM") did not become popularly used until some 10 years later. In 2002, Autodesk released a white paper entitled "Building Information Modeling,"[8] and other software vendors also started to assert their involvement in the field.[9] [1] For the purposes of this essay, I will pick it up in June 2007 which is when I started working at Autodesk as an MEP Technical Specialist. In 2007, BIM was the buzzword at ...

Here is a quick tip on how to share your calendar availability through outlook. This is great when you are trying to show someone outside your organization when you would have availability to meet. I rarely see this being utilized by teams but find it to be tremendously helpful and provides efficient and clear communication.  To insert a calendar snapshot in Outlook you simply:  Click on the insert tab.  Click Choose Calendar Select your date range you want to share Select the level of detail you want to share  Click "Show time within my working hours only" Finally Click "OK" A summary of your calendar will be inserted into the body of your email showing all free and busy times for the date range selected. This is the results of what will be posted in the body of your email.  Hopefully this tip will save you a little time. 

Recently, I had a customer contact our support team in regards to a behavior after installing release 2017. He was having issues with his mouse lagging while panning and zooming and using Inventor generally.  He had been using 2016 without any issues. A quick search yielded a result on the Autodesk Inventor Troubleshooting site. I figured I would write about this, since it has the potential to be a common problem for users who also have Vault installed. In short, the fix (until Autodesk is able to produce a patch) is to disable the My Home tab in inventor. From the Tools tab, select Application Options.   In the General tab, the My Home option has been moved to the bottom right of the dialog.  Un-check the box as displayed below.  Click OK to dismiss the dialog box. The My Home tab is the cause, as it periodically checks the vault server to ensure that the vault status for each thumbnail preview is correct.  According to the article, this is the designed behavior but it is supposed to take place on ...

I must admit that I borrowed part of this post's title from the April issue of Product Design and Development, but the title made perfect sense to me, especially in light of the numerous issues that Boeing is having with the Dreamliner 787.Specifically, the Dreamliner's lithium-ion batteries had been shown in rare circumstances to catch fire. Though I'm sure a degree of thermal testing was probably done prior to manufacturing of the batteries, the recent problems encountered by Boeing point out the importance of virtual testing, and doing so earlier in the design process. The FAA has just recently lifted a 3 month ban on Dreamliner flights, and Boeing has stationed 300 workers on 10 teams around the world to do the work of replacing the defective units with a revamped battery system that's better insulated against a short circuit. So let's do some math here - it's said that it will take about five days to install the revamped lithium-ion battery system on each plane, so 5 days of rework with 300 workers salaries at double the minimum wage would be ...

Mobility is an essential part of today’s normal business workflow. With the workplace no longer being defined by the company’s headquarter address, having immediate access to information – from the jobsite, the fabrication shop, on the road, at a client presentation – is crucial to successful business transactions. We put together a quick survey to explore how mobility is being addressed with technology in the design industry's day-to-day business. The survey can be accessed on our homepage at or here . Some preliminary results were included in our March webinar which focused on mobile apps.Check back next week for results and see what your peers are doing.