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In every Revit Fundamentals class I teach, I find an opportunity to preach. I preach about the importance of "clean modeling" - making sure that your model is as error and warning-free as possible. Not only for those that have to use it when you're done with it, but also for your own benefit, well-being, sanity and job security. One of the biggest topics of my sermons is the process of reviewing and resolving warnings in Revit. Unfortunately, like most sermons, this usually falls on deaf ears, and periodically I run across the result of NOT religiously reviewing and resolving warnings. Recently I had the pleasure of opening a Revit model that not only looked like ... OK... I'm not going to pull any punches ... it looked like garbage, but it was essentially unusable. Every time I selected an object to edit, I had to wait several seconds while the dreaded Windows circle of death spun incessantly. There's a common cause to this symptom, and I went with my first instinct. I used the Review Warnings tool on ...

An issue that I ran across the other day using Inventor 2017 was my part file was acting like it was locked. This issue was not allowing me to edit or delete any features or sketches in my part file. In addition, only a couple of the commands in my ribbon were available and everything else was grayed out. Come to find out this has been an issue since Inventor 2015 and is currently being investigated by Autodesk for a possible cause and resolution. The good news is that there is a workaround which is shown below.     Issue: Features and Sketches unavailable   Workaround:   1.)    Close all documents.       2.)    Invoke the VBA Editor.     3.)    Within the editor under Application Project (Module1) add the following script.   Sub Test()     Dim oDoc As Document     Set oDoc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument     oDoc.DisabledCommandTypes = 0 End Sub     4.)    Do not close the VBA Editor. Return back to the Inventor user interface and open the document that is locked. Once the document is open go back to the VBA Editor and run the script that was pasted into Module1.      After running the script the ...

If you are an Advanced Support or Enterprise Support customer you will now have the option to have Autodesk contact you directly at a time of your choosing.  Yes, you can schedule a time for them to call you back.  Just follow the steps in this link: Schedule a Call:  New Way to Access Tech Support

Or as I'm frequently asked, "just where the heck did you find that?"In my role as an account manager, I do my level best to provide our clients with as much direct help as possible with their software, be it installation issues, error messages, or general "how-tos". After all, when it comes to the world of "been there, done that", I realize that when a designerGets the blue screen of deathCan't remember the system variable that controls item selection settings in AutoCAD (it's PICKADD, by the way)Is tasked with doing something with the software he/she has never donetime is MONEY. And in many cases, there may be a project deadline hanging in the balance, or a Project Manager hanging over your shoulder saying "hey, you're the Inventor expert - this is what I hired you to do, so make it work!"So in an effort to empower the legions of CAD users who are either short on time, can't get Sean Dotson or Lynn Allen on speed dial, or haven't convinced management to pay for Inventor training yet, here Top 5 Sources for ...