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Revit has a way of making drawing look very ridged and flat. Creating a perspective section will add depth to your sections.  A perspective section can be created by creating a 3D Camera view and then sectioning and rotating the camera view.  Placing a Camera To begin creating a perspective section, a camera will need to be placed into the model to create the initial 3D view.  The camera position and angle does not really matter when placing it because these will be changed once the view is created.  To place a 3D Camera 1. Open a floor plan view. 2. On the View tab, select the drop down arrow under the 3D View command and select Camera. 3. Pick a point on the plan view to place the camera. 4. Ensure that the general direction and the depth of the camera view is pulled through the entire model.   Modifying the 3D View Once the 3D view has been created using the Camera command, the view will need to be modified.  The view will need to be rotated, sectioned, and rotated again.  Graphics can also be changed to improve the ...

Oh No, My Section Marks in Revit Have Disappeared!?This particular dilemma crops up occasionally. Did some or all section view tags disappear when you changed the scale of the view? Fear not, it is probably not a problem with your view, project or Revit. It is a parameter associated with the section view. When you place a section in a view, it assumes the scale of the view. It also sets the “Hide at scales coarser than” parameter to the same scale. That means if you place sections in a view, then change the scale of that view to be greater than what was originally set to (i.e. your view was set to 1/8”=1’-0” and you change it to 3/32”=1’-0”), your section view tags will disappear. This is a default behavior of section views. To fix this you open the section view, go to the Properties PaletteèHide at scales coarser than parameter and change to allow the section view tags to show at larger scales. This setting is intended to help control the display of section view tags. Sometimes ...