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Assemblies   Multiple Enhancements to Analyze Interference The new option in Interference Analysis dialog box, Treat subassemblies as components, lets you treat sub-assemblies as single components and ignore the interferences within the sub-assemblies. The  Interference Detected  dialog box now includes:  Information about each interference.  Interference type filtering options. Focus on the information you need to check by including only the interferences you want to see.  ​**Note: The Reference components filter only displays when the assembly includes an AnyCAD reference imported 3rd party file. Ignore and Un-ignore options. You can: Right-click an item and select to ignore the selected volume or ignore all interference volumes less than a selected value. Select or deselect the Ignored filter to show or hide the ignored interferences in the list. **Note: An ignored interference is displayed with a cross line. Right-click an ignored interference ...

iLogic (not available in Inventor LT) iLogic Input Field Enhancement The iLogic input field in the InputListBox dialog box now automatically resizes to fit the width of the longest input string. Edit Rule Dialog Box Enhancements Use the new option, Save, to save your work as needed during an editing session without running the rule. The OK button is replaced by Save & Run: This option saves and runs the new or updated rule and closes the dialog box if successfully run. This option is disabled if the form is suppressed. Drawings Reorder Attached Balloons with the New Sort Balloons Context Menu Option (not available in Inventor LT) You can now reorder attached balloons by their value. First, attach balloons using the Attach Balloon From List context menu option. Then, after closing the Attach Balloon dialog box, right-click on the balloon stack and select Sort Balloons. Values are automatically reordered. Numeric attached balloons are reordered from smallest to largest. Alpha attached balloons are reordered from ...

General Improvements to Measure Command Precision Visual enhancement: A check mark  now displays next to the default Measure Distance, Angle, Loop, and AreaPrecision value when you access the list for the first time in a file. Previously the check mark only displayed after you made a selection.  Inventor 2017: The checked  measure precision value now persists across sessions in all files. Select a different measure precision value to change the default measure precision value. Previously when you changed the Precision value in existing files, the change was not maintained after saving, closing, and reopening the file.    Important: When you create a new template file in any new version of Inventor (for example Inventor 2017 R2, R3, 2018, and onward) the default measure precision value must be set in both Document Settings Units tab Modeling Dimension Display fields and in the Measure Precision value dialog box.    Enhancements to Projects dialog box (not available in Inventor LT) Access to the Configure Library dialog box has been simplified from two clicks to one click. The drop-down button with only one entry has been ...

Released exclusively to Subscription customers, Autodesk Revit 2016 R2 builds on the speed and project performance improvements. Revit 2016 R2 has over 25 new features, many which were requested by users. This update makes Revit faster with even better performance that translates to faster navigation, speedier work processes. If you missed this webinar, we will show you the significant updates that relate to the Architectural Industry.  

Time to update your Revit environment:Revit Architecture: Structure: MEP: Complete from the Building Design Ultimate Suite: