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Autodesk Labs has released a new technology preview for Inventor 2013. The new add-in is called Inventor Simplification. If you are familiar with the Shrinkwrap tool that was released in Inventor 2010 then you will realize that this is just a more advanced version of Shrinkwrap. Inventor Simplification has made it easier to simplify parts and assemblies for downstream consumption by allowing you to remove intellectual property that might not be needed. Take a look at the videos and link below to get a better understanding on how amazing this tool really is.IP RemovalBPMFollow the link below for the download and also for some additional information.Autodesk//Labs_Inventor Simplification-Jason Miles

For an overview of the new features and enhancements for Navisworks 2013, see the link: Favorite New FeatureGrids and Levels from RevitIn the past we had to do a lot of setup to get grids and levels to display in Navisworks, particularly difficult to acquire from Revit.  3D Grids were introduced as a Family that helped to go from Revit to Navisworks.  Now in the new 2013, standard Grids and Levels will pass over to Navisworks.  The only specific setup that I have found to have this feature work: The grid must be native to the project; you cannot just have the grid displayed from a link.  Also, to get the Level information, you need to have at least one grid line. Revit Grids and Levels show up now in Navisworks 2013My First Bug FindNavisworks Revit File ReaderWith 2013 you can now read a RVT file just like you can read an AutoCAD DWG file.  Fortunately, the folks at Autodesk did not take away the Revit Plugin so that we can export from Revit to NWC.  I write ...