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Have you ever wished you had a quick way to show someone who has no access to special software, what you're up to in a CAD drawing, a Revit project file, an Inventor assembly, Civil 3D file, Fusion, Vault, and so on? It could be any need - from an executive who'd like to see how you're progressing, to maybe just your grandma who you want to impress with your latest prowess. But the problem is there's no easy way to do that without them having to install additional software to view it. Well, ever since Autodesk came up with the DWF file format way back in 1995, it was slowly improved upon and got a major boost in 2007 where it became synthesized with Microsoft's Internet Explorer to work natively with that interface. The history of DWF is quite an interesting read in and of itself for us geeks. But with that one little advancement, it made it possible for users of any Autodesk software (software that can export a DWF a.k.a. Drawing Web Format file), to send ...

  For those user’s that are currently using Vault Pro 2017/Vault Workgroup 2017 I would like to share with you an add-in that is called “Autodesk Place from Vault 2017” which is a free download from the Autodesk App Store. This app allows users to directly insert a selected file from the Vault Explorer into the current open and active Inventor document. This is a great tool for those who prefer to search and identify files directly from Vault rather than using the CAD application dialogs.        Autodesk Place from Vault 2017-Additional Info

With the new Copy Design within Vault Pro 2017 iLogic rules are NOT COPIED by default. This can be resolved by setting up a new Action Rule. Below I have listed the steps on how to make sure your iLogic rules get copied with your parts and assemblies. Step 1: Within the Copy Design dialogue click on the Master Menu and select Action Rules.     Step 2: Within the Action Rules dialogue you will notice that we have a Default Rule Set. Select the Default Rule Set and then select Copy. You can either keep the Rule Name given or you can give the rule a more meaningful name. Click OK.     Step 3: You will now notice that within the Action Rules Dialogue we have a Copy of Default Rule Set. Select this new rule and select edit.   Step 4: Within the Define Rule Set dialogue select iLogicRuleStatus underneath Property Behavior and then click on Remove. Click OK.   Step 5:  Click Apply and OK within the Action Rules dialogue.   Step 6: Within the Copy Design Dialogue click on Selected Rule Set and choose the newly created rule. This will allow your iLogic ...

One of the most common questions we get from our Fabrication clients & our Construction clients is "BIM & modeling is great. But how can I take that knowledge & information and apply it to construction?" This blog will attempt to tackle that question. View the video above to see a demo of this workflow. Step 1: Model & FabricationLet's start in Fab CAD MEP. You'll want to design & model your system like usual, leveraging your materials database along the way.  Once you have modeled everything and in most cases completed coordination of a floor, segment, or building, you'll likely start creating spools and creating shop drawings for your pipe spools, duct systems, mechanical equipment (VAVs, AHUs, Pumps, etc.). So far your workflow hasn't changed at all - this is how you're already doing things most likely. Once you have setup your pipe spools, duct systems, etc., that's where our Fab2BIM360 add-in comes in. It's quick and easy to use. Just click on the button in your Add-Ins ribbon and hit "Prep for Spooling." The tool automatically ...

Mobility is an essential part of today’s normal business workflow. With the workplace no longer being defined by the company’s headquarter address, having immediate access to information – from the jobsite, the fabrication shop, on the road, at a client presentation – is crucial to successful business transactions. We put together a quick survey to explore how mobility is being addressed with technology in the design industry's day-to-day business. The survey can be accessed on our homepage at or here . Some preliminary results were included in our March webinar which focused on mobile apps.Check back next week for results and see what your peers are doing.