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Have you ever wished you had a quick way to show someone who has no access to special software, what you're up to in a CAD drawing, a Revit project file, an Inventor assembly, Civil 3D file, Fusion, Vault, and so on? It could be any need - from an executive who'd like to see how you're progressing, to maybe just your grandma who you want to impress with your latest prowess. But the problem is there's no easy way to do that without them having to install additional software to view it. Well, ever since Autodesk came up with the DWF file format way back in 1995, it was slowly improved upon and got a major boost in 2007 where it became synthesized with Microsoft's Internet Explorer to work natively with that interface. The history of DWF is quite an interesting read in and of itself for us geeks. But with that one little advancement, it made it possible for users of any Autodesk software (software that can export a DWF a.k.a. Drawing Web Format file), to send ...

A new enhancement within Autodesk Inventor 2017 is being able to export a 3D PDF, which is another great way for collaborating with others in the day-to-day design process. Check out the video and link below to start utilizing this new feature.   Inventor 3D PDF's Video Additional Information on exporting 3D PDF's                    

First thing, if possible, use DWF.  I could end the post there, but for those that find themselves having to produce PDFs, read on.  For years I have used CutePDF and thought it was the best driver out there.  However, the weakness in CutePDF shows up when you try to use the Print Range feature in Revit to create a batch job of multiple prints.  CutePDF just fails miserably when it is fed multiple views to process.  So, I took to Google looking for free PDF print drivers.  I limited myself to FREE rather than trials.  Why you may ask?  Well, the FREE is the right price for everyone, right!?!Drivers Evaluated: 1) BullzipPDF, 2) CutePDF, 3) PrimoPDF, 4) GIRDAC, 5) NitroPDF, 6) PDF995My official findings:All PDF creators are your standard Print Driver type of process. They each have their own printer icon in the Devices and Printer dialog.  Each supports the Print Range batch process with the exception of CutePDF.  (I did get a message from the CutePDF folks that they are working on an update that will fix this issue.)Most ...