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Dodge Data & Analytics published a very interesting video on Managing Risk in the Construction Industry as it relates to Building Information Modeling.  Check it out:  

In almost all my Revit MEP classes, when building Schedules/Tags, often the desired Parameter value is sitting there staring us in the face, but we cannot access that data, such as: Elevation -and- the secondary elevation value: Offset.  In my reading of other blogs out there, I ran across this article on RevitOpEd:, who in turn references: Whitefeet folks (well...'fella' I should say, Mario Guttman) has provided for PUBLIC consumption some Revit utilities (I like to call these types of addins: Revit Express Tools) that you may find very useful.  Particularly the Parameter Tools that will allow you to access and then assign those outta-reach parameter values to your designated parameter.  It's pretty cool and mega-thanks to Whitefeet for developing and then giving them away.This is just a heads-up post, you can learn how to download and use the utilities from the Whitefeet website. Just the Whitefeet cat alone would win me over to Mario's utilitiesdennis