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In previous posts on this blog, we have reviewed two methods that can be used to slice up a Revit model by Level designation: 1) Using the built-in “3D View For Levels”  and 2) Using the “DPR Slicer”.  One reason for slicing up the model is for Navisworks, particularly the Timeliner.  Timeliner provides the means to build an animation of the building process.  Revit does OFTEN apply Level property information to objects as they are placed.  However, too often the Level designation information is assigned as -or- there can be no level designation –or- if an object spans multiple floors, it will get associated to just the one floor from where the object ‘started’.The following slides show a model where Filters/Search Sets were generated based on the properties Level designations. Highlighting Level 1 showing spanning to multiple floors   Highlighting shows those objects who are designated at Level 2  Highlights are Level 3 designated    Highlights of all SearchSets reveals a roof still to be assigned  Now take a look at how the Navisworks Layers designate the ...