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I have recently been asked to present to the USGBC in Mississippi about how BIM is/can be a catalyst for green design. My research got me thinking about green design as a whole.  Then I thought that a blog series would be a good way to share my research and some thoughts on the topic.  This is a way to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of green design, BIM, technology; and some realizations about human nature as we try to become better.I was trained in sustainable design during my college days.  Things have changed since then.  We have BIM, Green Building Studio, DOE Software, IES VE and a host of other applications that take the guesswork and long hours of manual analysis out of the equation.  Design has changed since then as well.  We have started experimenting with new forms as said technology has enabled us to do so.  Whole industries have grown up around "green technology" to aid in making our buildings more efficient, smarter, and carbon neutral.But I have questions:Can we believe, or even understand, ...