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Autodesk Labs has a new tool available to assist working with point clouds in Revit.  Point Cloud Feature Extraction for Autodesk® Revit® 2012 software is a free* technology preview that allows you to work with point cloud more easily in Revit. This plug-in automatically extracts useful geometry features from point cloud of buildings and creates basic Revit elements to aid the building modeling in Revit.WHAT TOOLS DOES POINT CLOUD FEATURE EXTRACTION PLUG-IN FOR REVIT PROVIDE?Point Cloud Feature Extraction for Autodesk Revit 2012 provides the following tools to facilitate the point cloud editing after it is inserted into Revit:Crop / Uncrop: Temporarily hide the points outside a rectangle or polygonHide Point Cloud: Temporarily hide the whole point cloud object to facilitate the inspection of the feature extraction resultAdjust Axis: Transform the point cloud data so that floor can be aligned with XY plane and major walls are parallel to Z axisMoreover, this plug-in includes some main features specifically for Revit so that the extracted features / geometry can be smoothly integrated into the BIM workflow:Datum Extraction: Extract both level and orthogonal gridSite Extraction: ...