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News from your Leading Autodesk Systems Integrator v15.0: FormIt 360 for Windows Fluid camera transitions between saved Scenes Control the settings for speed, transition and pause time for camera transitions Setting to visualize the camera location and orientation of saved Scenes Swivel navigation mode to look around without Orbiting Copy and Paste In Place with Ctrl + Shift + V Cut elements to the clipboard with Ctrl + X Select All elements in the model, or in the current group, with Ctrl + A Ability to Boolean Cut and Join between different Groups Groups Tree enhancements allow renaming, categorizing, and editing of Groups for improved model management Undo Manager provides a list of actions organized per Group. This history can be archived by exporting to AXM with history button checked Numerous interaction improvements to the Rotate, Mirror, and Measure tools Holding Ctrl while rotating an object will make a 'quick copy' Numerous ...

Autodesk has introduced several new apps over the past months, and will likely continue to do so. This blog has shared and explained those apps with you like Design Review and ForceEffect.Here is a quick breakdown in no particular order, of the other Autodesk ipad, iphone and android apps, some of them for business and others for pleasure… Pixlr-o-matic – A fun tool for editing pictures, adding effects, flares, tints, and that vintage look.Fluid FX – Special effect for your pictures. Pinch, pull, and distortInventor Publisher Mobile – Interact with 3d assemblies from InventorAutoCAD WS – DWGs on the go. Open, revise, measure, and notate. You dont have to be an AutoCAD expert to pick up on this little app.SketchBook Express – Access project documents and designs securely from anywhere. View DWF files – 2d and 3d. Upload photos and files to the Buzzsaw cloud. Sketch a design onsite, upload it to the cloud to share and collaborate with others.123dSculpt - Digital clay model sculpting. Create unique designs by shaping and molding objects in the computer.Learn more about these ...