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It seem like at least once a week, we are asked about how to improve or optimize the size of Navisworks & BIM 360 Glue models - teams Confederated Merged models are getting larger & larger as more data is added to each element. We created 360+ in part to help with this problem. What is 360+? 360+ is a Revit Add-In, created by Applied Software, that helps optimize the viewing & creating of models for Navisworks & BIM 360. We originally created it to help BIM 360 Layout users better utilize their models in the field - we received feedback & learned through experience that most people like laying out points using a 2D system, and sometimes 3D visualization sometimes isn't helpful. But for the purposes of today's blog, we are going to review the use cases for BIM 360 Glue & Navisworks. The Red Button: Create 2D & 3D Views in Revit for Export Always start with the red button. It sets you up for the remainder of the project. Just click on the button, choose a View Template (you can ...

  For those user’s that are currently using Vault Pro 2017/Vault Workgroup 2017 I would like to share with you an add-in that is called “Autodesk Place from Vault 2017” which is a free download from the Autodesk App Store. This app allows users to directly insert a selected file from the Vault Explorer into the current open and active Inventor document. This is a great tool for those who prefer to search and identify files directly from Vault rather than using the CAD application dialogs.        Autodesk Place from Vault 2017-Additional Info

If you have multiple Revit versions installed in your computer you may already have run into this issue before. When you double click the .rvt file and it doesn’t open in the Revit version that you want because there is no default, or the installation got corrupted and now it doesn’t open at all. (This also happen when you uninstalled a later version of Revit). You might think the obvious solution is to go to the control panel, and then set default programs, or choose default apps in windows 10. If you do that you will soon found out that it doesn’t work, then you go to repair Revit and after waiting hours you find out that it doesn’t work either… Frustrating right? Then you go online to search for a solution and if you are lucky enough you will find this 2015 Autodesk article on the AKN. The solution involves manually modifying a windows registry (kinda risky).  Modify the registry value directly (Administrative rights require): 1.     Open the system registry (Windows Start menu > Run > Regedit). 2.     Locate the ...

Autodesk has introduced several new apps over the past months, and will likely continue to do so. This blog has shared and explained those apps with you like Design Review and ForceEffect.Here is a quick breakdown in no particular order, of the other Autodesk ipad, iphone and android apps, some of them for business and others for pleasure… Pixlr-o-matic – A fun tool for editing pictures, adding effects, flares, tints, and that vintage look.Fluid FX – Special effect for your pictures. Pinch, pull, and distortInventor Publisher Mobile – Interact with 3d assemblies from InventorAutoCAD WS – DWGs on the go. Open, revise, measure, and notate. You dont have to be an AutoCAD expert to pick up on this little app.SketchBook Express – Access project documents and designs securely from anywhere. View DWF files – 2d and 3d. Upload photos and files to the Buzzsaw cloud. Sketch a design onsite, upload it to the cloud to share and collaborate with others.123dSculpt - Digital clay model sculpting. Create unique designs by shaping and molding objects in the computer.Learn more about these ...