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   When you  import an image to trace your building it works well.  However, when you add slabs to the building and then try to use the floor plan to create rooms on the first floor you will not be able to see the image.  Instead you will see a purple highlight of the slab like the image below:     To fix this problem take the following steps: 1) Click on the align to face button and click on any vertical surface of the building     2) Go to the all systems tab and select the image     3) Now select any point, as it will serve as a reference point to move upward from.  After you have selected a reference point move your mouse up vertically and enter “1”.  This will move the image up 1 foot allowing it to be seen in the interior view.  For this example the image was moved up to the second floor of the building which is a distance of 21 feet.   4) Now when you return to the interior system you will be able to see your floor plan. ...

In the past I have had to help several clients clean-up, break-up, and troubleshoot Revit models. With my focus being on RMEP, this entry will be from that point of view. Breakup by DisciplineThe process to break up a Revit model is about the opposite as to what we would do in AutoCAD. AutoCAD has a WBLOCK command; Revit does not.  So, take any RMEP model, we will call it ABC_RMEP.RVT, that contains all disciplines. Open the model, SaveAS, for example: ABC_PLUMBING. Now the fun begins. I will make a 3D view and then using the Visibility Graphics, I will turn off all the objects related to Plumbing. You may ask now, what about pipe? Depends, do you want to have only the Plumbing Pipe in the Plumbing model? If so, then use a FILTER that will sort out the Plumbing Pipe, leaving the Mechanical/Hydronic Pipe “on” for selection/deletion. Once the other disciplines have been deleted, issue the PURGE command and selectively remove anything that isn’t Plumbing in nature. Save the file again. Lather, rinse, repeat for the remaining disciplines.Once all the discipline specific files ...