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I have been experimenting with the Revit Add-in DPR_ModelSlicer (which can be downloaded for free from: From DPR’s website, the description of the DPR Model Slicer:“DPR Model Slicer is a free Revit plug-in which facilitates the creation of 3D Building sections from a Revit model. Inherently within Revit, the only way to separate a model by floor is to filter it by reference levels. Unfortunately, this often results in a product (...), where items modeled as multi-floor elements, such as walls or columns, become associated with only one floor despite occupying space on many floors. During the construction coordination process, this can be a limitation, so it is often desired to have the building model separated into individual floors. DPR Model Slicer makes this process faster. The end result is a model which is sectioned by floors.”In other words, if you need the model to be broken up by floors,spanning elements such as walls and risers of all disciplines, need to be split at the level designations. Now this can be done manually using the Section Box feature ...