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Many argue that BIM requires all work be done in a BIM authoring tool, like Revit. BIM does not exclude the incorporation of legacy data that exists world wide. In fact, for BIM to evolve the AEC industry it has to accomodate decades of hand drawn and CAD produced documentation. Does this information have the ability to contain and share the same volume of information and capability that a Revit model does? Absolutely not, however, legacy data provides valuable historical and as-built records that are useful for informing the design team while they create and/or re-create all or part of a project in Revit. I suggest that there is far more renovation, remodel and addition work and less new construction. There is far more built environment than under construction. BIM is well positioned for new design, construction and operations where as much of interior design works in previously occupied space. Most of that space was not designed using BIM in its modern context. It only makes sense that to use Revit for commerical interior design, a designer must consider ...

Did you know there is a nice way to read your license file?Autodesk License Parser - shows your license file in an easy to read report. This report will contain the full name of the licensed product, the serial number along with the number of seats. It will also show you the date the serial number was issued.

I loved drafting as a kid. Give me my T-square, triangle, and french curve. Drawing a perspective view was SO COOL!I learned AutoCAD in 1987 and it was AutoCAD v2.6; what a cool program! I then used AutoCAD R9 when I graduated; loved it! Kept moving forward with AutoCAD R14; did everything I needed it to do. I customized AutoCAD like crazy. Why because I could and my users loved it. In 2000 I saw a program called Revit. It did 3D and was cool. Tried it on a project and it just didn't work for us. Revit could never replace my AutoCAD and the way I customized it for my users. I refused to consider Revit because AutoCAD did EVERYTHING I needed it to do. Then came AutoCAD Architectural Desktop and then AutoCAD Architecture; cumbersome but wow it had some nice features; I still don't need Revit, I now had ACA. Then I was forced to use Revit. Really? Are you kidding? AutoCAD does EVERYTHING I need it to do! So I went to Revit Architecture training.Revit Training ...