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One of the biggest changes in Revit MEP 2012 is the addition of Duct and Pipe System Families.  Although it appears to be a small change, it actually creates a major improvement in how projects can be set up.  Prior to 2012, MEP Engineers relied heavily on View Filters to control the graphics of different duct and pipe systems.  For example, a View Filter would be created to distinguish the difference between Domestic Cold Water pipes and Domestic Hot Water pipes.  Ducts and pipes were simply ducts and pipes, and not part of a system until they were connected to a connector.  The connector contained all the information about the system. In Revit MEP 2012, we have the ability to create duct and pipe systems before modeling and connecting to connectors with the addition of System Families.  The new System Families can now be configured prior to the project start to indicate graphical differences in the systems.  In addition to presetting up the System Families, as ducts and pipes are being modeled, the System is specified in the Properties ...