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An issue that I ran across the other day using Inventor 2017 was my part file was acting like it was locked. This issue was not allowing me to edit or delete any features or sketches in my part file. In addition, only a couple of the commands in my ribbon were available and everything else was grayed out. Come to find out this has been an issue since Inventor 2015 and is currently being investigated by Autodesk for a possible cause and resolution. The good news is that there is a workaround which is shown below.     Issue: Features and Sketches unavailable   Workaround:   1.)    Close all documents.       2.)    Invoke the VBA Editor.     3.)    Within the editor under Application Project (Module1) add the following script.   Sub Test()     Dim oDoc As Document     Set oDoc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument     oDoc.DisabledCommandTypes = 0 End Sub     4.)    Do not close the VBA Editor. Return back to the Inventor user interface and open the document that is locked. Once the document is open go back to the VBA Editor and run the script that was pasted into Module1.      After running the script the ...

The AEC Industry is changing rapidly. Future Buildings will be assembled rather built. This Technology is important to find parts and assemblies within your BIM models.  Design Graph is a new way to explore your 3D data. Autodesk technology uses Shape-based Machine Learning to actually recognize and understand parts, assemblies and entire designs. The Design Graph learns to identify the relationships between all parts within and across all of your designs, irrespective of whether cross-references exist. It learns to interpret your designs in terms of those parts and it provides you a way to navigate your data using: simple text search, learned categories of parts, shape similarity, usage patterns and even smart filters for part numbers, materials and other properties.     Check it out at Autodesk Design Graph Try search for “wall”“basic”“rectangular”“mullion”“base”etc. All 3D models in your A360 Drive account are now available in the Design Graph.