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News from your Leading Autodesk Systems Integrator

One of the cooler things about my job is the optimism that's associated with it. People come to us with problems everyday, and we solve them. Sometimes we solve a complex workflow problem. Other times, we help teach a client how to better use software. We might even help Autodesk fix a bug in their software. My favorite thing that we do is create something completely new to solve a problem. That's what we did when we created 360Sync with Windows. The Problem People kept coming to us, saying that they really hated updating the BIM 360 Field Library, especially when they had already updated their server, "why can't the Field Library just Sync with our server?" That's why we created 360Sync - to solve this very problem. I've said on just about every blog that I've done that the Construction World is filled with redundancy & double (sometimes even triple or quadruple) data entry, and it is one of the biggest sources of frustrations in the industry. We are aiming to eliminate as much of this as ...