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Network license servers made easy or at least made easier.  As an IT professional I have installed and configured the Autodesk license manager hundreds of times.   Depending on your deployment model it’s pretty easy.   So I will not get into the actual setup.  But here is a link if you like light reading.  One piece of technology that makes running a network license server easier is virtualization.  In their simplest forms Virtual machines are just files.  You can change them.  Save them.  Then if you don’t like something go back to the previous version.  Just like in AutoCAD you can hit the Undo button.  In a virtual machine you can undo a recent change you made pretty easily if you saved you changes along the way.  Just like other computer files virtual machines are portable.      You can copy/move them to other computers to run because their windows machine names and network mac addresses do not change.  Ever run into a conflict on your only server between the license manager and another piece of software that cannot be relocated?  Spin up a ...