What is Aeries™ Software?

Aeries™ Software is an electrical design and construction system that delivers streamlined automation to every step of the installation process. It enhances productivity during the pre-construction design phase, streamlines design team collaboration, and eliminates wasted time and materials on the jobsite.

Aeries™ Software: One Software for Two Groups

  1. Electrical Engineers. Aeries™ Software helps electrical engineers deliver consistent data, equipment schedules, feeder schedules, and 3D raceway models that include cable routing with all information in one single source data base. It automatically routes raceway and wire and cable, with accurate sizes and lengths, saving time and helping to avoid calculation errors and duplicate data entries from occurring in the database. The automatic cable routing process also complies with all National Electrical Code (NEC) electrical raceway fill rules and regulations.

  2. Electrical Contractors. Aeries™ Software makes the process more efficient, productive, accurate and safer for the contractor. The software delivers current product data sheets and automates bills of material, estimates and the electrical design plan, all which help to avoid inaccuracies and mistakes and keeps the job on schedule. This BIM solution automates all planning, tracking, estimating, and all other procurement essentials. This gives an accurate visual view of the installation progress. 

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3D Modeling Capability

o   Accurate Cable Tray model

o   Accurate conduit routes

o   Automate Duct Bank Design

Automatic Cable Routing

o    Accurate Bill of material

o   Ease of ordering (using Southwire’s Configurator)

Managing Change

o   Enter data once and it synchronizes everywhere its needed

o   Change it in one place and it updates everywhere

Construction Interface

o   Data sharing with construction team

o   Pull Tickets

o   Termination Reports

o   Pull Planning

o   Cable inventory control

o   Change management

Meeting Project Budgets & Schedules

o   Improve productivity of highest performing personnel

o   Reduce manpower requirements and coordination time

o   When project changes occur, changes are synchronized across all deliverables

o   Reduce checking time since project data is consistent

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