A powerful platform for rapid custom development and deployment of BIM 360 Field data to back office systems.

360SyncTM for Windows:

This unique product automatically takes files uploaded to Windows Explorer and syncs them with BIM 360 Field. It also allows for the two-way transfer of files: from Windows Explorer to BIM 360 Field and vice versa. It also complements other storage services such as Dropbox, allowing for the uploading and syncing of file contents to the BIM 360 Field library.

With the ability to work with FTP sites and network devices where Windows Explorer is used on the back end, the solution is ideal for project managers looking for a new way to eliminate redundancies, errors and miscommunication between construction partners.

360SyncTM with Glue:

·        Synchronizes models from your local server/computer to BIM 360 Glue

·        Update on a schedule or on-demand with the click of a button

·        Ideal for non-Autodesk designers (Tekla, IFC, CADWorx, etc.)

·        Email notifications after sync completion

·        Sync any number of files across multiple jobs at once

·        Lightweight installation and simple configuration


360SyncTM with Field:

·        Synchronizes files to/from your local server/computer to BIM 360 Field

·        Update on a schedule or on-demand with the click of a button

·        Eliminates double-entry

·        Ensures Field teams are working off the latest drawings

·        Works with files sourced from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Egnyte, and other file synchronization services

·        Email notifications after sync completion

·        Sync one folder, one job, or multiple jobs quickly

·        Lightweight installation and simple configuration



360SyncTM for Viewpoint

Another innovative solution for the marketplace, Viewpoint Sync automatically transfers uploaded documents to the library of BIM 360 Field, a cloud-based field management service combining a mobile application at the point of construction with collaboration and reporting. This product eliminates redundancies by syncing and storing documents via one platform.


Project managers using Viewpoint gain the necessary assurance that the latest versions of documents are available to all collaborative partners at the same time, eliminating the potential for errors and miscommunication.


360SyncTM Can Synchronize Data Between BIM 360 and Your Systems 


Our industry and BIM 360 experts combined with our patent pending technology can make integrations between your enterprise systems possible. We have successfully created integrations between BIM 360 and project management systems, such as Viewpoint.


Contact us regarding your integration needs.