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Built Around the Electrical Prefab Workflow

eVolveTM is an easy to learn add-on developed for use with Revit, created to help the shop fabricator. eVolveTM provides a manufacturer specific parts library, minimizes the time needed by automating sheet set/shop drawing creation, increases accuracy while modeling conduit, eases detailers' transition from AutoCAD to Revit, and creates a "just in time environment" by providing BOM for Purchasing as the detailing model develops. 

Don't live with waste... eVolveTM!

Developed by electrical contractors for contractors, eVolve™ reduces waste by enabling single-click automatic sheet set creation for shop fabrication, automatic bills of material, and detail level as-built drawings without extra effort.


“eVolve™ Fabrication has been proven to reduce shop and field rework from 50% to 2%” 

Aaron C. Thompson, CPCVP, Design & Fabrication, Corbins Electric





Wire-Way, Cable Tray, Conduit, Prefab, Boxes, Supports, and more.



With an accurate Bill of Materials order your parts directly from Revit using the Export Req. Form Tool. This function provides you with a seamless export from a Revit Schedule into Excel.




With the View and Sheet Creator produce views and sheets with the chosen title block in a matter of seconds. With custom tags and dimension capabilities save time in making detailed fabrication level sheets for your prefab team.




The Create Points tools in eVolve™ can place layout points directly in Revit without exporting to another software saving you time and money. Once points are created they can be exported to a .csv for use in a total station.






Top Five Value Points for eVolveTM

1)     eVolveTM streamlines shop production by eliminating the need to Take off drawings in prefab, allowing Purchasing to effectively employ just in time material delivery and eliminate overstock.

2)     eVolveTM has an extensive “Smart Library” of manufacturer specific/fabrication level detail/LOD 350+ Revit family content

3)     Raceway content auto-snap connects and auto-sizes to match existing routing.

4)     eVolveTM was designed from the group up to be extremely user friendly and intuitive for the field electrician to transition to a BIM role.

5)     Sheet set support can assist more modelers in producing deliverables to prefab.