Why eVolveTM

eVolve started out as a few API tools and grew to become what it is today. Created in house at Corbins Electric the software solved many issues they were having such as rework percentage, wasted material, and too much time on drawing sets.  They began making the content portion of the software because we wanted physical counts of the components they order to be accurate. With sheet sets prior to eVolve it took an equal amount of time to produce the sets as the modeling porting on some projects. 

This meant if you had one modeler, it took one sheet set person to support them and only them with about an equal amount of hours. With eVolve, one sheet set team member can support the output of up to 4 modelers. This is due to the streamlined process workflow in eVolve. Before eVolve Material lists were done by prefab by doing takeoffs from the drawing sets. This would take away valuable time and often cause urgent product orders due to the scheduling. 

Without the material drawn and being counted it was not possible otherwise. This also cause them to carry pre-stocked material to meet the scheduling demands known as “waste”. With eVolve there is a vast growing library that has been designed in a way that the output is very organized and legible to a purchasing team. Prefab can review the material list well before the sheets sets are released and there is no longer a need for pre-stocked items on the shop floor taking up valuable build space. The drawings also contain 25% to 30% percent more detail than before reducing the broken link of communication between Prefab and the sheet set team.