Autodesk Software Survival Kit

18 February 2023All, autodesk, Services & SupportJu

links and blog articles that will help with installation and management of Autodesk software, serial numbers, licenses, upgrades, and new…

The Autodesk Assistant

17 February 2023All, autodesk, Services & SupportJu

If you do not have access to Autodesk Account, the Autodesk Assistant is an option for downloading and installing software…

System Requirements for Revit 2021

10 June 2020All, RevitJu

Autodesk published its system requirements for Revit 2021 in April, 2020. Here is a list of system requirements and critical…

AutoCAD Tip: Polyline Fillet

5 May 2020All, AutoCADJu

a short video to help you fillet an entire polyline at once

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