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GRAITEC BIMup Conference is an annual, FREE, jam-packed three-day online event.


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The one-stop online event

for AEC, Fabricators, Manufacturers and Process Plant professionals

GRAITEC BIMup Conference is an annual, FREE, jam-packed three-day online event.
GRAITEC is the only Autodesk Partner in the world to host an event of this magnitude with so much valuable content provided Free to attendees.


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Why is the BIMup ‘The Free Online Training Conference’?

  • BIMup: Building Information Modelling targeting Construction and Manufacturing industry sectors, in order to up-level your skills, knowledge, awareness and understanding.
  • Free & online: The only ‘Free Training’ event of its kind in our industry. Inclusive, high value content shared freely to help design professionals in the manufacturing and built environment industries level-up. Easily accessible from anywhere, anytime, from any device
  • Training Conference: Short, impactful training courses on major Autodesk and Graitec software covering how-to’s, tips & tricks, use-cases,  processes, collaboration, interoperability, workflows, and much more. Large gathering of like-minded industry professionals.
BIMup | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

What can delegates expect from BIMup?

BIMup | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

As an online conference, BIMup has a central lobby with access to several ‘virtual booths’ that showcase our IP solutions and enabling visitors to browse content, watch videos, request meetings/demos, download resources/trials, etc.
Attendees will be able to browse an extensive catalogue of around 200-250 classes / sessions scheduled over the three days and add the classes they are interested in to their ‘personal daily agendas’.

This year we will also be exploring two new possibilities:

  • A dedicated Networking area for delegates to chat and interact with each other and Graitec/ASTI experts
  • Gamification – injecting a bit of fun with digital games and leader boards

What are BIMup Classes?

Classes are dedicated tutorials of up to 45 mins long that focus on helping users do more with and get more from their Autodesk or Graitec software.

In addition to tutorials and how-to courses, there will be classes that help users learn how to manage complex data processes, improve collaboration workflows, understand software and file interoperability, and much more.

We will be offering several sessions on Thought Leadership, Sustainability, and other industry and topical issues..
Classes are delivered across the three days, focused on a variety of software applications, in multiple languages, servicing multiple industry sectors.

Delegates can browse the session catalogue and add sessions to their calendar/agenda allowing them to attend the scheduled event live or at a time that suits them on-demand afterwards

BIMup | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

Last year’s top sessions

GRAITEC BIMup Conference | (Re)Establishing BIM Workflows for Improved Efficiency and Effectiveness

#1 (Re)Establishing BIM Workflows for Improved Efficiency and Effectiveness

GRAITEC BIMup Conference | Revit mistakes to avoid

#2 Revit mistakes to avoid

GRAITEC BIMup Conference | Everyday Practical Revit Formula's

#3 Everyday Practical Revit Formula’s

GRAITEC BIMup Conference | How to turn 2D Detailed Drawings into 3D Detailed Models

#4 How to turn 2D Detailed Drawings into 3D Detailed Models

GRAITEC BIMup Conference | BIM Level 2 Certification with the BSI

#5 BIM Level 2 Certification with the BSI

GRAITEC BIMup | A Guide to Intentionally Optimizing BIM Workflows

#6 A Guide to Intentionally Optimizing BIM Workflows

BIMup | Applied Software, GRAITEC Group

How the BIMup helped our participants

Easy-to-implement solutions to improve daily tasks

A good discussion of workflows with a real example of errors if we do not use lessons learned.

David, Manchester City Council, UK

A very complex process was broken down to individual steps that are less overwhelming. An essential reference for customizing drawing styles and processes

Roy, J.B. Long Inc, USA

Excellent demonstration with plenty of detailed information!

David, KP Engineering, USA

Gives a great overview of some key issues we could face and their resolution

David, David Naylor Design (DND, LLC), USA

I have several years experience in this field and considered the session had very good coverage of the main points for consideration.

David, Manchester City Council, UK

Informative, well presented, speaker had relevant experience

Filip, dkstudio architects inc., Canada

Real world examples and lessons learnt are always great to hear about.

William, LBR Associates Ltd, UK

Really well presented and fantastic practical example.

David, Manchester City Council, UK

Very informative and well organized, thank you!!!

Kamila, K-NECT DESIGN, Canada

Everything presented from an architectural firm perspective applies across the board to our companies goals.

Roy, J.B. Long Inc, USA

The new features will help us to improve the way we manage our work in Revit

Rodica, Popp & Asociatii, Romania

We can define, track and achieve our goals more successfully by applying this infomation

Roy, J.B. Long Inc, USA

Reaching global industry professionals annually

Last year’s figures

15 000




excellent/good rating


When is BIMup this year?

BIMup will take place from 23rd to 25th May 2023. Each day the first session commences around 8am CET and ends around 6pm PST – approximately 18 hour-days of Free content!

Who is BIMup targeted at?

BIMup attracts a mixed global audience across all sectors and last year we attracted over 5000 delegates.
The ideal target audiences include users of Autodesk and Graitec Software covering our primary industry sectors: Architects, Structural Engineers, Building Services or MEP Engineers, Civil Engineers, Construction Contractors, Consultants, Fabricators, and all types of Manufacturing professions.

How can I register for BIMup?

Simply fill in the form above to register to the event. You will then be notified by email once the online classes registrations open.

Can anyone register from BIMup?

Yes, BIMup is open to anyone willing to register for free.

How much is it?

It is free! GRAITEC aims at enabling as much as professionals as we can to get the industries best practices and tips and tricks to save time and money.

Can I get free Revit training online?

Simply register for the BIMup through the form on the top of the page and follow the instructions sent by email once the classes registrations open. You will then be able to register for any Graitec and Autodesk training session that interest you, like a free Revit course on a specific topic, or a free Autocad training session. Please note that each course has a limited number of seats so make sure you register early!

Can I get free Autocad training?

For sure! The BIMup offers Autocad training courses to help you improve your daily tasks. Check your emails to make sure you don’t miss the classes registrations opening.

Are the BIMup courses the same you offer in your yearly training programs?

The BIMup courses can’t replace the training courses we offer all-year-long but they are great enough to give you key best practices and how to’s on key topics, while learning from industry leaders. The BIMup courses can also help you to define which topics you want to get further training in. Please contact us anytime to get advice on the best training program for you.