10 Best Bridging the Gap Podcasts of 2021

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Bridging the Gap podcast with host Todd Weyandt spotlights mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades and the construction industry, covering advancements in technology, unique perspectives, stories of successful transformation, and the problem-solving mindset that shapes the industry and propels it forward.

The 2021 season just wrapped up, with 56 episodes that challenged, instructed, entertained, and left us wanting more.

Following are the host’s top-ten picks from last year’s outstanding episodes, including the most popular downloads plus a few of Todd’s favorites, in no particular order.

  1. The Race to Industrialized Construction (February 24, 2021)

Jim Tavernelli, President and COO at KLH Engineers, talks about what companies need to keep in mind as they face the next decade of construction innovations: industrialized construction, open and trusting work environments, achieving consistency, and sharing best practices.

  1. The Utility of Construction Data & Analytics (May 19, 2021)

Dan McCarthy of Dodge Data & Analytics explains the effect digital transformation is having on construction companies: gathering the right data, making the best use of data and analytics, and “bleed and lag.”

  1. Taking the Technology Leap (March 24, 2021)

If you have a construction technology “bucket list,” you will benefit from this discussion with Hugh Seaton, Head of Product for Crosswalk by CSI, about making people more comfortable with technology adoption; the discussion includes the ups and downs of the creative process, as well as artificial intelligence.

  1. Are You Contributing to a Growth Mindset? (April 21, 2021)

This crossover podcast with AEC Disruptors features hosts Todd Weyandt and Christopher Riddell with guests Marcello Sgambelluri (world-renowned BIM technology leader) and Anthony Zuefeldt (Senior Solutions Specialist at Applied Software) in a discussion about getting cultural buy-in for new trends in the industry, especially computational design.

  1. Attitudes Toward Technology (February 10, 2021)

Peyton Kringlie, Business Analyst at LS Black Constructors, describes the characteristics of innovation in real-time and explains how different companies approach technology in different ways – confidently, encouragingly or with humility. 

  1. The Marketing Problem in Construction (December 29, 2021)

Four roundtable speakers – Travis Voss (leader of Innovative Technology at Helm Mechanical), Brandon Patterson (Iowa Skilled Trades Team), Adam Davis (VDC Manager at Lighthouse Electric Company), and Todd Weyandt (Marketing Director at Applied Software) – discuss solutions to the public relations challenges in the construction industry, including target audiences, success stories and different facets of the industry.

  1. The Importance of Image in Construction (October 6, 2021)

Tom Deane and Noel Brady, co-founders of ProjectMark, explain how companies can put their best foot forward, empathize with others during times of change, and ensure they are catering to the right audience and customer base.

  1. The 100th Construction Innovation Adventure (August 16, 2021)

Host Todd Weyandt and Editor/Producer Eric Daniel reflect on lessons learned, thought leaders and moments that stand out from the previous 100 episodes.

  1. An Executive’s Guide to Prefab Innovation (June 22, 2021)

Cory Borchardt, Sr., VP of Operations at Fisk Electric, explains how business executives can embrace construction technology, build consistent processes, attract a younger generation of workers, and innovate with prefabrication.

  1. We Don’t Fail, We Learn in Construction (April 7, 2021)

Cliff Cole, VDC Director at PENTA Building Group, talks about leadership time management, balancing interests with priorities, being a proactive change agent, getting outside the comfort zone, emotional intelligence, and credibility.

The Bridging the Gap Podcast gives voice to the incredible things happening in and around construction, serving as a champion for this great industry.

Learn what construction industry leaders have to say about adopting technology: download the free eBook, “Foundational Building Blocks for Successful Tech Adoption.”



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