25 Things Users Love About Modeling with Plant 3D

10 November 2022AutoCAD, Digital Transformation, Industrial and Plant, plant 3d



One of the primary reasons companies switch to AutoCAD Plant 3D modeling software is to make the modeling process more user friendly. Companies that have made the switch report that Plant 3D is more intuitive for the end user.

Most companies in the plant sector don’t have the luxury of slowing down to accommodate technology implementations or changes. Transitions need to be as seamless as possible. Because of its intuitive nature, Plant 3D makes that possible.

Check out the Applied Software, Graitec Group Guide to Plant 3D for indepth information on the application, answers to challenges, system performance, worksharing, and more.

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Following are 25 things users love about modeling with Plant 3D:

  1. Helps create and modify P&ID diagrams and isometric piping drawings.
  2. Speeds up the design process.
  3. Helps manage engineering data and do reporting, even on extensive amounts of data.
  4. Modeling of piping design and routing is easy, and model dimensions are accurate.
  5. The comprehensive design toolset helps extract quality piping isometrics and orthographics.
  6. Isometrics are so complete they contain most details needed for plant piping installation.
  7. Enables project collaboration with Autodesk BIM 360.
  8. On industrial plan setup, the interface is easy to use for creating 3D models and objects.
  9. 3D piping slope adjustments are intuitive.
  10. Piping layout feature enables skid layouts for oil and gas.
  11. Point clouds can be cut for better integration of 3D scans into a model.
  12. Different designers can work in the same model.
  13. Drawings can be reviewed in 3D with Navisworks.
  14. Suppliers’ 3D blocks can be integrated into the plant model.
  15. When modeling 3D piping, you can link with 2D AutoCAD drawings.
  16. Handles easily and with accuracy.
  17. “Out-of-the-box” content is handy and easy to use.
  18. Interface enables easy highlighting and tagging.
  19. Standard libraries have symbols that you can select and drop to form a P&ID.
  20. Information exchange can be done with multiple formats.
  21. Error checking enables navigating to inconsistencies in drawings, identifying them and highlighting.
  22. Reports can be created quickly, including valves, Programmable Logic Controller input/output, equipment, and instrument lists.
  23. Flexibility to show process flow and instrumentation options and easily change them as needed.
  24. Line weights and scales can easily be changed.
  25. User friendly commands.  

Companies sometimes combine Autodesk Vault with Plant 3D to help organize design data, manage documentation and track revisions efficiently across teams. Vault enables companies to increase the number of users who can access project data, from local to remote-based.

To implement or make the most of your Plant 3D workflows, you can benefit when you choose an experienced partner that can help you add functionality or overcome complex data management scenarios. Your technology partner should be strong on communication, clarity and organization. When you’re making a transition, communication before and during that transition workflow are critical to success.

Accomplish your goals and measure success by scheduling a Plant Roadmap Workshop with Applied Software, Graitec Group today.

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