25 Ways to Invest in Yourself: the BIMup Digital Conference

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The fifth annual GRAITEC BIMup Global Digital Conference will be held online May 23-25, 2023. The conference features content relevant to architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, and process plant professionals. GRAITEC offers this free online training conference to companies and users around the world as a no-cost way to invest in yourself.

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Company leaders explain that GRAITEC is committed to helping its customers digitize their processes from early design through to fabrication and construction. The BIMup conference is a way to deliver content in multiple languages and enable customers to build upon successes while on their BIM journey.

The three-day 2023 conference will feature hundreds of classes presented by GRAITEC Group technical specialists on tips, tricks, tutorials, thought leadership, sustainability, and industry and topical issues. In each session, time will be allocated for questions. You can attend sessions live or at a time that suits you afterward on demand.

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screenshot of BIM model showing dark gray steel building framework and yellow two-flight stairs with blue handrails
Advance Steel sharing; image: Graitec.com/UK

Following are just some of the BIMup classes that will be taught by technical experts in the English language. Here are 25 ways to invest in yourself during the BIMup Digital Conference:

  1. Managing Your Organization’s Technical Skills
  2. Cleaning Up Our Rivers – How Technology Can Help Improve Our Environment
  3. Optimize Drawing Creation in Advance Steel to Save Time Editing
  4. Power Up Your Camera Creation and Management: Advance Steel
  5. Kick Start Your Upchain Experience
  6. How to Manually Register Point Cloud
  7. Top 3 Reasons to Create a Shared Library to Integrate Project Standards
  8. Improving Project Sustainability Outcomes in Revit with Embodied Carbon Analysis
  9. Capitalizing on Your Project Issues with a Connected Change Order Workflow: Autodesk Build Cost Management
  10. Disaster Recovery and Prevention: Vault
  11. Gain a Competitive Advantage with Python for Revit Users
  12. Exploring the Latest MEP Features in Revit 2024
  13. How to Automate and Streamline Data Management and Team Collaboration: Revit, Vault and Autodesk Construction Cloud
  14. Optimizing Platform Designs for Designers and Fabricators
  15. Quality, Durability and Style with Steel Stair and Handrail Fabrication
  16. How You Can Streamline Your Structural Analysis Workflows from Revit: Advance Design FEM Analysis
  17. Steel and Concrete Design in Advance Design Using North American Codes
  18. Landscape Architecture Made Easy: Environment for Revit Plug-in
  19. Easier Than You Expect: How to Import Any IFC files in Advance Workshop
  20. Revit Families Workshop for Revit Users
  21. How to Efficiently Frame Your Project with MWF
  22. Optimize Your Steel Fabrication Quickly and Effortlessly Using Advance Workshop
  23. Start Your Sustainability Process for Free with This Superb Infrastructure Workflow
  24. Create Structures in Minutes: Advance Steel PowerPack School, part 1
  25. Rapidly Applying Joints to Your Full Structure: Advance Steel PowerPack School, part 2

See something you’re interested in?

Register today to invest in yourself and build your personalized event agenda on the BIMup platform. Then join the GRAITEC, Autodesk and BIM community. while learning and networking with colleagues around the world.

Where: Online

When:  May 23-25, 2023

Cost:    Free

BIMup classes will be available in twelve countries, five time zones and presented in nine languages – English (American, British, Canadian), Czech, Polish, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Romanian, and Portuguese.

The GRAITEC BIMup Global Digital Conference is the most important educational event you can attend this year to learn about the world of BIM.

Comments from attendees of previous BIMup conferences:

“Real world examples and lessons learnt are always great to hear about.”  William, LBR Associates Ltd, UK

“Really well presented and fantastic practical example.”  David, Manchester City Council, UK

“We can define, track and achieve our goals more successfully by applying this information.”  Roy, J.B. Long Inc, USA


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