3 Ways Autodesk Construction Cloud Benefits MEP Contractors

24 March 2022autodesk, Autodesk Construction Cloud, Construction, Electrical, Mechanical, MEP, Plumbing, UncategorizedCloud, skilled trades, workflows



The goal of any contractor’s performance, whether it is a mechanical, electrical or plumbing job, is to be profitable after the installation is complete. The best way to track and ensure this profit is to leave nothing to chance.

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Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) contractors comprise a large chunk of the construction project workforce. With demand high and a shrinking labor pool, it makes sense to adopt software tools that help deliver high quality work with existing staff through better communication.

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The cloud-based Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) tools benefit MEP contractors in three specific ways.

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Learn more about Autodesk Construction Cloud in the free new Applied Software eBook: “The Importance of a Common Data Environment.”

  1. Tracking bid invitations, workloads, quality, and deadlines.

ACC is well suited to improving communications in MEP workflows. With it, contractors can benefit from standardization and deliver quality work on time. The cloud-based features of ACC can accommodate project plans, drawings, progress tracking, and billing for proper document management. Better planning and earlier clash detection make speedy solutions possible. The gains in efficiency, profit margins and customer satisfaction combine to reduce risk. Although they require time up front, successful bids reward contractors with a pipeline of work and cash flow. Data collected and ACC systems can be used to streamline preconstruction as well.

  1. Accessing plans using a mobile device.

With ACC, all communication is centralized, so teams in the field can use mobile devices to quickly access the latest uploaded drawings and ensure they are working from the correct specifications. Centralized updates about the job keep everyone in the loop. When ACC is implemented, a contractor’s jobs can be performed at higher levels of quality with less rework.

  1. Connecting workflows, teams and data.

With ACC, project teams are connected through a single source of truth at every stage of construction. In addition, they can keep the general contractor and the project owner looped in on project details. While the demand for specialty contractors is high, the skilled labor shortage requires that they improve efficiencies so they can take on more work using their existing labor force. By using ACC in the field, they can gain efficiencies that increase as personnel reach a comfort level with the software.

photo of MEP plumbing pipes arrayed overhead and bent at various angles to come together at bottom of photo

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors all need their own sets of drawings, plans, documentation, and workflows. They also need to work closely onsite with other specialty contractors on every project; wiring, piping and mechanical systems are always interconnected. In fact, the pervasive nature of mechanical systems on a job and the variety of the equipment can complicate life. But ACC helps keep manufacturer specifications organized and makes it easier to plan and estimate jobs.

So, using ACC, MEP contractors can reduce their risk, maximize efficiency, win more work, collaborate securely, and gain productivity. And those productivity gains translate directly into profits.

Learn more about Autodesk Construction Cloud in the free new Applied Software eBook: “The Importance of a Common Data Environment.”



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