3 Ways Owners Can Change the Face of Construction

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Skilled labor shortages, a fast-paced business climate and the increasing complexity of construction projects are just three of the challenges owners of construction companies are confronted with today. Schedule delays and costly rework are two common consequences that hit owners where it hurts. There are many technology solutions owners and project managers can turn to to ease the pain.

Since they were specifically created for the construction industry, some of these solutions are included in the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform. Whatever products you choose, the important thing is to integrate the right technology into your processes so your company can stay relevant and competitive.

Following are three ways owners can change the face of construction:

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  1. Designing for Manufacture (DfM) – Building information modeling (BIM), using a product such as Revit, enables companies to develop data-rich, high quality models of buildings. The technique of standardizing, so project components can be designed for manufacture offsite, streamlines many portions of a project. Successful DfM combines construction certainty with traditional design end-products. In the realm of DfM, architects design with fabrication in mind, ensuring the owner’s intended use is achieved and the budget is adhered to. The use of building modules, standardized parts and multi-trade assemblies in an offsite factory improve safety and make optimal use of materials, reducing waste.

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  1. Streamlining Projects – Owners with an eye to the future are discovering that they can save time and money by preparing and preplanning for a job and doing modular assembly in a factory. As the modular industry becomes more sophisticated, factory produced components are increasingly customizable and their use is more flexible. Quality is predictable as well. Restaurant chains which are in high growth mode, for instance Chick-fil-A and The Human Bean, are using modular buildings for consistency, quality and quick restaurant establishment. Hotels, such as Marriott and Hilton, favor prefabricated rooms and bathroom units because of quality control that can be counted upon.
  2. Reducing Risk – Every company can benefit from reducing elements of risk on their projects. Insurance rates go down, schedules improve when accidents and injuries are decreased, and employees are more likely to join and/or stay at a company with a good safety record. Jobsite hazards can be monitored manually by personnel or digitally using drones and wearable technology. DfM, mentioned above, also can reduce project risk. Establishing quality workflows early in a project, including assigning responsibility to ensure those workflows are followed, is critical to reducing your company’s exposure to risk.     

If your company is dealing with a shortage of skilled labor or experiencing complex, fast-paced jobs, the products in Autodesk Construction Cloud may help you change the face of construction – and your part in it – for the better.

If you need a partner to help you navigate through the Autodesk Construction Cloud, contact Applied Software today. The experts of Applied Software will help you investigate the solutions that are right for your company.



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