3 Ways to Get Better Control of Your Steel Production

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Once a contract has been awarded, the structural model is detailed, and fabrication drawings are produced, the job needs to be planned, procured, processed, fabricated, finished, and prepared to ship to the jobsite at the right time.

If you’re working in steel and rebar fabrication, to accomplish this you’ve got to be able to take control of your production. What if you could accomplish that and save 30% of time on your production workflows?

GRAITEC Advance Workshop is a manufacturing execution system designed especially for steel fabricators and steel service centers to allow them to do just that. Whether detailing has been subcontracted out or engineering and drafting are done inhouse, fabricators dedicate a majority of time, money and capital investment on controlling production to achieve company targets for success.

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Following are 3 ways to get better control of your steel production:

1. Sales and Supply Chain Management

From customers to materials, Advance Workshop can help you control all the working parts around product fulfillment . . .

  • Sales teams.
  • Budgets, pricing and stock levels.
  • Quotes.
  • Procurement, orders and receiving.
  • Shipping, delivery and invoicing.

Every company in the metal fabrication sector is faced with managing their supply chain. These underlying systems support the business so you can achieve maximum profitability. They must be managed properly to help reduce operational bottlenecks and reduce the costs of steel processing and production.


2. Technical Management

A prerequisite for modern steel management enterprise systems is the ability to work with project information that can quickly be imported from leading BIM and CAD systems, such as Autodesk Advance Steel and others that create DSTV files.

The project can then be listed out in a way that is easy to understand. In addition, all the essential parts and project information can be outlined, enabling you to view components in 3D prior to validating the customer order.

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Assembled elements and parts can be imported. Order and production runs can be created.

Advance Workshop is fully compatible with SMLX, GTCX, IFC, NCWISCON, NC, and NC1 (for Tekla users) files. The system can import CAD drawings, IFCs and BIM information. Advance Workshop conforms to all major global code standards.


3. Production Management

Advance Workshop steel production planning software module has all the features companies need to effectively estimate and automate production planning activities. So instead of relying on paper drawings, guesswork and spreadsheets (i.e. Excel), once you implement Advance Workshop, you can automate many of your critical processes, such as part routing, capacity planning and quality control. You can optimize factory machine productivity.

Production orders can be scheduled. Production tags and reports can be created. Machinery can be allocated automatically in relation to technical and economic criteria. Production status can be advanced through manual or automatic checking. You can improve your decision making with real-time access to factory data.

Advance Workshop can also help you reduce waste. Offcuts can be tracked and managed for reuse. Production runs can be managed from several sequences to minimize scrap generation and increase productivity. The Bar Nesting module enables steel beams and bars to be nested most efficiently to reduce material waste.


Advance Workshop enables you to save 30% of time on your production workflows for efficient execution of all your fabrication processes needed to transform raw material to a finished product ready for delivery.

Contact us today and learn how to get better control of your steel production with GRAITEC Advance Workshop.


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